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Test… 4… sigh.

Ok, sorry YET again, because I fully assume all of these will suddenly appear multiple times in everyone’s readers…


Also, for anyone keeping track, “test #1” never even posted to the blog. yay…


Test #3–sorry!

And again!

Sorry, last post didn’t show up in my reader, fiddled with settings, trying again!


While doing her FL dailies, my sister saw a rare mob wandering around, Mr. Garr. Seeing as she has also recently decided to complete all the rare mob achievement, she launched herself at Garr’s face only to instantly find that he, in fact, had no desire to help her in that quest. Splat.

That’s when I was called in and flew over to investigate, to realize that this is one of the world bosses I had vaguely heard about!  12 million health, a half dozen adds of 660k health… He actually looked challenging!  And he was!  I flew through him just to test the damage and I got walloped for about 20k from him plus 5-8k from each add, and some rebuff that I didnt pay attention to while I flew away.

A quick guild recruitment along with inviting a random hunter who just happened by, and off we went, pulling each add one by one because they blow up at death knocking everyone realllllly far away and damaging hard (three at once would probably kill me)… And then pulling Garr.

Garr was a pushover except for a big aoe explosion he casts every twenty seconds or so that hits for 170k+, and one shots slow melee or low tanks. 

Then, as all world bosses in Cata, he dropped two i359 epics and made us feel cool.  Because it was cool, it really was.  Other than that dude by BT during the Burning Crusade, I had never actually seen a proper world boss.  It was awesome to find one, awesome to assemble a group in the old fashion (ie: asking people nearby instead of queuing for some sort of Looking For World Boss or raiding your realid list), and very satisfying to see boe epics.

World Boss hunting, here I come!

How Godaddy stole my blog, legally

I hope this still fires off in your readers, if not, well, crap.

I’ve been offline pretty much since the day after my last post, unaware that my domain name expired – mistake is mine, I wrongly thought I had the domain until December 2012, when in fact it was Dec. 2011.

A friend asked what was happening with, and why it was showing some Godaddy advertisements.  Now it’s showing something else, but piecing together what happened is pretty simple: expires as my domain name

-Godaddy registers it to themselves, keeping track of which domains expire when and knowing if they are “free” to scoop up

-Godaddy now advertises shit on and lets me “buy” the domain name if I wish to.

Premium Domain Name

Ah but here’s the catch.  Based on some weird algorithm they run around web searches for the term “underct” they believe the domain name has value, and will gladly let me have it back for 1800$ Canadian.




So, that’s all she wrote for “”, I’m back to .  If you could update your blogrolls where applicable and readers if you can, that’d be cool.  I only hope this actually reaches people.

There is a slight issue with firefox where it insisted on redirecting me to the old domain even if I typed the full address, and I fixed that by deleting some of my history and cache.

Proof of life

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.

I have been raiding in a way that can be described as regularly since a few weeks before Christmas.  A steady enough group (2 members of which raided back in Ulduar with me) and a steady Sunday night raid time with an occasional second day added in.  Took a two week break for the holidays and my Cuban vacation.

And you know, it’s enjoyable in a way that previous raiding did not achieve, but I find it hard to explain.

1- No, it is not more challenging than previous expansions.  Far from it.  It seems infinitely easier on normal mode.

2- No, it is not more rewarding than previous expansions.  The most we wiped was maybe a full raid night on Warmaster Blackhorn, and getting him down felt good but in the same way that winning a game of solitaire feels after you’ve failed 3 or 4 in a row.

3- No, the fights are not any more enjoyable in and of themselves. 

4- The trash is awful.  C’mon, 21 slimes?  150 dragons?  It feels like you’re literally killing the same exact trash mob over and over and over and then BAM, BOSS FIGHT.


So why am I enjoying it?  If I was to venture a guess, it’s because it seems that while hardcore raiding of days past (of which I was a part of and enjoyed greatly as well) is done for good, enjoyable raiding that doesn’t destroy groups of friends or guilds is thriving.  I admit, this could be the result of having a more burnt-out group that no longer cares about raiding that much, it could result from a different personal approach, or a multitude of other things. 

End result is that I’m raiding easier content on a lesser commitment and finding it fun.


Have an Illidan.


Fa la la la la la la la fahlalala



Tanning on a beach in Santa Clara, Cuba until the 6th of January.


Winking smile yay

Strawberry Ice Cream

Hyral on the mmo-champion forums posted this in reply to one of the hundred and seventy two threads about how LFR is ruining the game, and I wanted to share it here with all.


“This isn’t a final nail in the coffin, it’s a new strawberry flavor ice-cream in a store that used to only sell vanilla and chocolate, and old customers bitching because other people can finally have god damn strawberry. “


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