Paris Catacombs "Do Not Touch Humand Remains"

Paris Catacombs "Do Not Touch Human Remains"

Armory Links:  Latus (Warlock)Cowtch (Druid)

I play a Warlock.   An Undead Warlock.  I started as an Undead Dude. I’m now an Undead Warlock Chick.  Pig-tails are really the best hairstyle you can ever find in this game, and my male character just wasn’t allowed to have them for some sexist reason.

Early (noob) Days

I’ve played a shadow-wielder since my early serious days, although my very first attempt at this game was in vanilla WoW with a Human Mage.  He was bald.  And horrible.  I died a lot and never got past level 16.  What was totally missing from my game was the social element of not making it a one-player shoot em up.  I liked it all but then outside circumstances forced me away and I waited until I got a better computer to play.

As soon as I got a brand new laptop (purely to run WoW) in 2006, I rolled an Undead Warrior along with a friend who got a Blood Elf Paladin.  We got way more into things this time, and I got up to level 35 or so.  My friend got to 42 and had a mount. And gold.  I was jealous.  She had bling and I was scraping by poor as a pauper.  I vendored everything, even stuff I crafted with my uber Alchemy skillz… yo.  I recently logged on to this character and cringed hard.  Cloth and leather gear spattered with a mail item or two.  And 9 gold.  I very very quickly headed to a vendor, got rid of the soulbound stuff and ransacked the Auction Hall to get some gear I could use.  Then I tanked SM and felt good.

Demonic Beginnings

Real life had forced me to trail off the (horribly noobish) Warrior path, but then Burning Crusade came out and an online forum I participated in asked for people to join together and reroll.  Wtf, why not.  We settled on US-Coilfang, Horde side.  I made an Undead Rogue.  Didn’t like it up until level 9.  Changed to a Warrior, felt silly because I had already done that exact character.  Noticed nobody from my group of friends had done a Warlock or Mage, and seeing as I had never tried the former, I rolled it.  I don’t know what it was, but I fell in love almost instantly.  Was it the purple shadow bolts?  Was it the imp I got so soon after starting that shot firebolts and made me think I had my own pocket mage?  Who knows, but I loved it!

The Noob Was Strong In Me

What I had learned on my Warrior took time to unlearn, unfortunately, and I admit freely I still had no idea what this game was about.  I was a horrible, horrible noob but I loved the game.  As an example, when I got the ability to make soul shards, I somehow convinced myself they sold for 5silver and I ran around for a long time filling every bag, and my entire bank, with shards that I would later resell.  When I found out I couldn’t, I destroyed them all, which took me an equally long amount of time.  Then I realized I could use them as health stones.  Cool.

Visible changes to my playstyle happened before I even hit level 20.  I grouped more often with strangers.  I participated in the AH and sold my mining mats for profit.  In fact, what really hooked me to play was that I mistakenly priced a stack of copper ore at 80gold instead of 80silver, and sold it.  I offered to refund the buyer through a letter but he never got back to me.  I was RICHFILTHY RICH. I bought new gear almost every level (more noob-ness, yes), bought a crapton of greens to DE to level my enchanting… which I then dropped around level 35 for Skinning to make more mad cash.  But I had gold, I had fun, I had it all!

The Turning Point

I got a Succubus.

Anything beyond this point is material for the blog itself, so I’ll cut my introduction off at the greatest demon in the world: a demon-whore. Mmm.  Unlike most people, I never got tired of the “spank and moan” move.

Some more me

A long time ago... I had a social life.

Me visiting Versailles. See those little tiny dots on the water? THOSE ARE BOATS. 😡 wtb being rich.

See? I'm not a Warlock irl, I like flowers and pretty colors! /RAIN OF FIRE


4 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 Jeremi Karnell January 1, 2011 at 5:25 pm

    Hi there. I am really enjoying your site. I was wondering if you would have some time to help consult with me on my Lock. I have been playing my toon for over 6-7 years and I am finding that with Cata, I really need a work over.

    Happy to pay you for your time.

    Thanks in advance,


  2. 3 Ooks August 31, 2011 at 10:12 am

    uh you got your laptop and rerolled in 2006, yet BC came out in 2007, how did your friend level a blood elf with you?

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