The Lifestyle to Game Transition, and the beautiful design of Dragon Soul

Something wonderful has happened to WoW.  In fact, it happened quite some time ago, but it has taken me this long to realize and understand the change.  A lot of words are thrown around like “casuals”, “easy”, “dying”… in regards to the state of WoW, but that’s just from those of us who struggle with change in something we’re used to.

Admit it, no matter how open and relaxed you are to change, when anything deviates from what you’ve spent thousands of hours doing, a certain level of discomfort sets in.  It’s up to the individual players to cope with that discomfort, but it’s there.  Personally, I rage a bit if it affects me and I move on and play with what is now at my disposal.  Some people, however, can’t do that and rage, rage and rage some more.  The detached players that rage will end up quitting, but those that really like the game will rage and keep playing, all the while raging.

Very few bloggers do this.  It seems if you’re into blogging about WoW, you’re somehow above raging too much on a given issue.  I can count on the fingers of one hand how many blogs have raged without end about changes.  Most of the blogosphere will respond to major developments with varying levels of outrage of support and then over the next week or two they’ll all accept it and end up posting guides on how to cope.

Some (many? Look at your readers…) players who were heavily into the game have simply moved on out of boredom and frustration.  That’s ok.  That’s understandable and healthy.

Others have semi-moved on.  Like myself.  They still play, just not anywhere near what they used to play.  And this is the realization that finally sunk in: WoW has finally become a game instead of a lifestyle.

This is wonderful, absolutely wonderful!

I don’t play all week.  I don’t log on to check auctions, I don’t log on to do dailies. I don’t grind reputation or gear sets or attunement quest chains. I don’t log on to farm consumables.

I just log on and raid.

The other people do the same.  Some may play more than others, but overall, the toons that raid simply log on to raid.

This raid group is at 1/8 Heroic on 10 man, so not anything mindblowing but not too shabby either.

The beauty of Dragon Soul’s design is that it is self-sustaining:

-kill a boss, get some loot, get a token
-trade token for gem bag
-sell gems on AH (regardless of quality)
-have gold for raid consumables and for repairs

I’ve made about 25k in gold from gem drops so far.  That far outweighs anything I spent on blue quality gems and on raid enchants for new gear, not to mention the occasional mats for fish feasts or a couple volcanic potions and draconic flasks.

Granted, this takes a bit of setup.  Players still have to level to 85 and get some semblance of gear + reputation for things like shoulder items, but once you’re past that setup, you don’t have to devote 5 hours a day to remain competitive.  This is great, this is awesome, and I love you Blizz.


1 Response to “The Lifestyle to Game Transition, and the beautiful design of Dragon Soul”

  1. 1 Tania February 18, 2012 at 10:41 pm

    It must be nice for you to know that your gameplay style isn’t causing your hair to fall out. 😉

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