While doing her FL dailies, my sister saw a rare mob wandering around, Mr. Garr. Seeing as she has also recently decided to complete all the rare mob achievement, she launched herself at Garr’s face only to instantly find that he, in fact, had no desire to help her in that quest. Splat.

That’s when I was called in and flew over to investigate, to realize that this is one of the world bosses I had vaguely heard about!  12 million health, a half dozen adds of 660k health… He actually looked challenging!  And he was!  I flew through him just to test the damage and I got walloped for about 20k from him plus 5-8k from each add, and some rebuff that I didnt pay attention to while I flew away.

A quick guild recruitment along with inviting a random hunter who just happened by, and off we went, pulling each add one by one because they blow up at death knocking everyone realllllly far away and damaging hard (three at once would probably kill me)… And then pulling Garr.

Garr was a pushover except for a big aoe explosion he casts every twenty seconds or so that hits for 170k+, and one shots slow melee or low tanks. 

Then, as all world bosses in Cata, he dropped two i359 epics and made us feel cool.  Because it was cool, it really was.  Other than that dude by BT during the Burning Crusade, I had never actually seen a proper world boss.  It was awesome to find one, awesome to assemble a group in the old fashion (ie: asking people nearby instead of queuing for some sort of Looking For World Boss or raiding your realid list), and very satisfying to see boe epics.

World Boss hunting, here I come!


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