The Other Side

My previous post should make it clear that I don’t like pandas in my wow.

That being said, there are many good things to come out of the Mists of Pandaria announcement, things that get me excited about potentially great gameplay.

Vanilla-WoW-Like Storyline

Very simply, I am referring to the fact that there is no main bad guy.  Without a main bad guy, this will be about the gameplay itself, about the world, about the Horde, about the Alliance.  Maybe it will force people to go out and create situations… maybe it will produce new Southshore – Tarren Mill locations.  We can’t know!


As upset as I am about YET ANOTHER talent revamp, I have to admit this one is smart.  What’s the point of talents if all they do is serve the theorycrafters?  WoW has moved on from the days when theorycrafters were the top of the food chain and when it catered to the 1% that raided (Occupy Azeroth!).  The “talents” are just playstyles that you can pick and choose from.  It’s a bit exciting to see the combinations and imagine how they can work in this setting, or that setting.  A single switch can make me more viable against melee or more viable against ranged.

I can theoretically have a quick reshuffle of my chosen talents without having to switch entire gameplay notions like I do now if I switch between pve/pvp or two different specs.


Of course, spec-wise, that is potentially confusing.  Talents will be the same but Warlocks will have different game-play mechanisms based on their specs…  I’m not sure I understand quite precisely how spec and talents differ but I’ll see when that happens.  A fire breathing destro lock with some talents that are more afflictiony sounds like a cool combo.  All good here.

New Zones

I don’t like Asian themes.  I just don’t.  They don’t excite me.  But the zones are pretty and the ones without buildings look really good.  If Wrath –> Cata graphics are anything to go by, MoP ones will be incredibly cool.  The mountains already look wicked in screenshots.

New Zones – questing

Blizzard has promised that questing will be revamped for MoP to allow more flexibility and to be less rigid in the way we progress through a zone.  This sounds delightful.  It was rather annoying to feel like I was reading a choose-your-own-adventure book and not playing in a fantasy world.  Cataclysm stories were nice but I’m glad we’re moving on to less formal stuff in how it will go.


Byebye Tol Barad!  I loved Wintergrasp but did not like that it kinda drove people to ignore other world pvp because “if you want to pvp outside of BGs, you go to WG, what?”  Tol Barad was also a disaster.  So no major pvp setting = a great potential for non-battleground-centered pvp.

New Battlegrounds

A whole bunch of different battlegrounds are being planned that don’t follow the current style of capture the flag OR victory by superior node-holding.  Some sort of ressource gathering that isn’t node-base, some sort of pve elements into a pvp finale like AV used to be, some sort of other stuff… I don’t know, they might suck they might be awesome, but at least they’ll be different and new.


Resilience will be a base stat instead of something on gear.  Originally I was a bit surprised by now I’m moderately happy about this as long as there is still a distinction between pvp and pve gear sets.  As long as top-tier pve gear doesn’t become a requirement for high arena ratings and you still need to actually be in pvp gear to win at pvp, resilience being a base stat just means skill comes into play quicker than it traditionally does.  I’m not –excited- about this change but think it has potential to introduce something new to the arena world.


There is always the promise of better matchmaking and better balance, one cannot rule it out!

Pokemon Pet Battles

Haha, no, just kidding, I’m not excited about this at all and think it’s stupid as hell.


Yes, War!  If the leaks are true, the Horde will destroy Theramore (kill Jaina? I hope not).  The mere thought of that event makes me mad, so I can imagine how the Alliance would respond…  and how the Horde responds to anyone threatening it.

All out war sounds exciting and interesting despite the fact that I have much more of a penchant for co-operation rather than opposition when I game.  The notion that an entire expansion will be devoted to the most intense level of war between the factions since god knows how many years (in-game) is an interesting one because of all the potential developments.  Patches can be released that will see shifts in territories instead of new dungeons/raids being released.  This can be a very dynamic expansion.

And Theramore being destroyed can maybe dislodge Garrosh from the leadership, even if he’s the best option during war… bah.

So the summary of these two posts…

Is that I don’t like Pandas, but still like WoW.

I’m now mostly going to trail off writing about MoP because nobody knows when it will be released and I’m still highly involved in bashing my face against the melee-wall in arenas currently.

And hohoho if you thought I don’t like pandas, just wait ‘till I get to experience the LFRaid tool and see how I rage against those pugs!


2 Responses to “The Other Side”

  1. 1 Tania October 27, 2011 at 4:07 pm

    I look forward to Latusrage.

  2. 2 Elkagorasa October 28, 2011 at 5:06 pm

    I REALLY hope they don’t make us carry around some sort of talent dust, to respec. On the otherhand, I hope they don’t drop the dual spec functionality. I like having to minutely different specs for my healing toon. She’s test driving a different discipline spec, but I want the option to drop back into atonement healing, if I can’t pull of straight Disc.

    With regards to Panda’s, I think Brewfest needs a new boss fight. Wouldn’t it be nice to go fight the bad-panda, instead. Coren is boring.

    Did you notice the super-powered warlock pets talent? Grimoire of superiority lists “run with upgraded minions… Shiva, voidlord, etc.” We may actually see new lock minions.. Volham my imp is going to get jealous.

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