The Search is Half of the Excitement

As per the previous post, I’ve been looking for some place to raid.  Moon Guard has proven entirely unsuitable for what I’m looking for, so I started looking outside.

“What I’m looking for” is a group of people that raid once or twice a week, preferably on 10man, and that still do decent progress.  So really, if the group is above 2/7 currently, it’s happy fun times. 

In any case, I’ve talked with a few guilds and no good fits so far.  One had a good schedule but I clashed with the interviewer to some extent.  Here is why.

Latus gets Interviewed

The questions on the application were pretty numerous, going to about 25-30 of them that required detailed answers.  I went along with it because the raid times were twice a week.  I answered nicely and truthfully, but in hindsight I probably should have been more aware of a group of new people not knowing me at all and taken that into consideration.  I explained my situation of not having raided in a few months but having kept up with the gear (at least what is available to me), went over my spec, rotation, pvp/pve differences, and even found a parse of that single alt run I went on that killed Shannox and Beth.  My armory does show Domo and Rag as killed, but no parse there (where I felt I did pretty well).  Along with the parse was the explanation/warning that unfortunately due to not having raided in a few months, a reliable parse could not be provided that had any meaning and that I was linking that log to allow them to see that I did raid, but asked that they keep in mind this was an alt run, the fights were new, and it’s essentially like asking a bench warmer of 80 out of 82 games to suddenly get up and throw 10 free throws and judging his abilities on that.

They responded with some additional questions, mainly about why I chose destruction as my spec when the others are INFINITELY superior.

Here I had some misgivings right away.  The only place that Affliction and Demonology are infinitely superior are in the overal parse reports based on world of logs reports.  Destruction ranks as dead last of all dps there.  But that’s a representation of the average player, not of the spec.

I explained that just because many good players play the other two specs and a lot of bad players do destruction does it mean that destruction is not competitive.  I showed all known simcraft and theorycrafting results that show that affliction and destruction are really only 2k dps or so apart (34k to 32k) on tank and spank and get even closer on light and heavy movement fights (demo is the pits on heavy movement fights, by FAR).  Naturally I also explained that while the theoretical difference is so small, skill plays a far larger part than spec, and that I would have no qualms switching to another one if the theoretical gap grew to something more substantial.

In hindsight, I probably sounded like a cocky snot if you didn’t know me and believe that I knew these numbers and really AM that good.

So then we met in vent a few days later and went through a lot of dumb questions that I tried to answer with a straight face.


Yeah, nobody talked like that, I’m just embellishing for the sake of the post!  The people in question were very nice, and I’m sure they raid well and are good players.  Like I said, we just didn’t mesh.

Question time! “Which tools do you use to determine how to play your class?”

My answer was the truth.  I use my brain and the tooltips and I experiment with the math behind it and then I come up with how I should play.  When that’s done, I’ll hop over to the warlock forums and to EJ and see if I made any mistakes and/or where we disagree.  I jokingly laughed that people came to ME to find out how to play their class (roughly 200,000 people looked at my Destruction guides when 4.0 was coming out).

If you know me, and know I write this blog, and were there during the 4.0 patch, this makes sense.  If you don’t know me, you think I’m even more of a prick.  Hindsight…

Question time! “We saw your logs and dug some other logs up of some pugs you were part of.  Your dps seems low on average. Why do you think you’ll be competitive?”

This was a trap they set up for me.  First they had asked me what dps I expected to pull on some fight, and then they said AHA, you’re lying! We saw your logs and you don’t do that much!  First I asked where in the world they found logs.  I only knew of a single parse that was up on Iron Dragon’s account.  They told me of some feature on that shows you logs.  They then started naming them like “You did a pug on June 26th in BoT “and a pug BH on July 10th!” and listing my dps and saying “WHY SO LOW?”. 

Thinking this was odd, I explained to them that it wasn’t really the best way to gauge my dps since I was out of practice, running with pugs with no strategy, and didn’t even know those logs existed to know what they showed.  They kept pressing with facts and numbers like “you didn’t dps for the first 30 seconds of your guild’s BH, why!??!”  I was getting a bit annoyed at the stupidity of it…

So I explained once again that none of those 3 parses were reliable ways to see what I can do.  I was more than happy to group with them and run some 5 mans or even some tier 11 raids to show them, but they kept pressing.  So finally I went through the list:

Guild BH: I was summoned in after a guild raid.  I was unbuffed, unprepared, unflasked, everything.  I was reloading my screen when they pulled immediately after I joined.  That’s the 30 seconds of inactivity.  I did roughly 22k dps after that, despite that.  I checked their parses later, and would have been topping their guild with that.

PuG BoT: It was a bloody pug!  I had explosive runs while on vacation in paris and was so sick that I stayed IN MY ROOM while my family visited Paris.  I loaded up wow with no addons on my sister’s laptop and joined a pug raid.  You tell me why my numbers may not have been stellar.

Guild Alt run: This was decent enough except we were with alts, didn’t discuss strategies, just took it easy.  Probably the best indication out of the 3 they saw, but still not a good one, as I had specified.

Follow-up question. “So how do you think you would have to play, and what would you have to do, to improve your dps based on those logs?”


But hey, I took it easy and explained a decent answer once again:

Just knowing the fights and the strategy that would be used would be a huge boost to my ability to dps.  On top of that, being prepared, having some experience with the fight, and being in a group with good buff synergy would also help increase the numbers.

With slight frustration in her voice, “But how would you do it SPECIFICALLY, not generally!”

What the hell?

That IS specifically.  It’s not a generality to say that I need to know the fight and my dps would improve, or that I need to know the strategy my group will be adopting.  I suppose I can try to focus even more on dot uptimes which are never optimal unless you’re hitting 100% (which is just impossible), but other than that, there’s no flask or potion or talent I can use that I’m not using at the moment. 

The Aftermath

Believe it or not, I turned out not to be a good fit for the guild and was denied!


Searching the Forums

I finally made a thread for myself instead of just reading recruitment ones.  Where I specifically say “10 man”, I get responses from 25 man guilds that say, “Hey we think we’re exactly what you’re looking for!”

10 man! Damnit! 10 man!  At least have the decency not to copy paste the “personal” part of your copy pasted responses…

Out of roughly 10 responses, I would say only one has actually read what I am and what I’m looking for.  Congrats!


The Search Continues

I’ve temporarily transferred off to Kil’jaeden and through being an idiot renamed myself Bigdickus (I’ve now reported myself).  There were some of the cheapest boes of all there so I grabbed a whole bunch, got final pieces of my non-raiding-raiding gear and now sit happily waiting to finalize which guild I’ll join to raid with.

There are two guilds Alliance side on Exodar which are proving very nice.  One is a 10man that is 3/7 and really wants a caster.  They raid twice a week and are pretty casual in their approach.  Some nights get cancelled because rl happens.  I like it.  The other is a 25man guild that raids 3 times a week and is 4/7.  Not the best raiders, but they’ve shown an extreme interest in their recruitment that goes beyond the typical copy pasting of most recruiters.  Flatter me and appeal to my vanity? Yes it works oh so well… I’ve talked with a few members of each guild, and both sound pleasant.  The 10man however only raids twice a week, no matter how bad or good they are, that’s a huge plus. 

There is a Horde guild on Mal’Ganis that is 25 and raids twice a week, wed and thu.  They were a 7/7 10 man group that is expanding to 25.  They have no Warlocks.  Again, it’s appealing to my vanity, and their raid schedule works well too.  They seem to be veering more into the hardcore despite their slower schedule.  I don’t know.

And finally there’s a guild with people who used to play with me in Iron Dragon.  They’re on Lightning’s Blade Horde side and they’re with a top 50 us guild but they’re kinda just socials within it who casually raid Firelands Tue/Wed unless too many such social people went out to drink that evening.  The casual group has gotten 4/7 and isn’t particularly concerned.  I love the casual nature of this, but am worried that it’s a bit TOO casual.  What if the person organizing them gets bored or tired? Then they go to hell, since it’s a omg rl girl doing it and probably 7/10 of the raiders join just because of that.  Plus there’s zero chance of getting a legendary there.  The two Alliance guilds, who knows, especially the one that’s just switching over to 25 man format.


Decisions decisions!  But in the meantime, I get to play the Auction House game on Moon Guard again, I’ve got 500g to my account and want to get back to 30k.  Go my baby Paladin, swing them mining arms! Rebuild my fortune!


3 Responses to “The Search is Half of the Excitement”

  1. 1 Tania August 19, 2011 at 1:02 am

    “f you don’t know me, you think I’m even more of a prick.”

    Don’t worry, you set the bar way higher than that. Bragging about your blog is nothing to trying to kill me every time I get MC’d in instances.


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