In which I write thoughts to help myself

It’s proving really difficult to settle on a new group of people to raid with.  Here, because I feel like it and because blogs are most often than not totally self-centered, I will simply list some pros and cons of various options I’ve got.  If you have some input, fire away, it’s not like opinions can hurt the process!

10 man group 1

Exodar, Alliance.  3/7 progress.  Tight knit group. Have only one caster. 2 nights a week.

Problems here are bad raid comp for a caster.  I don’t think I’ll get full magic buffs and debuffs on the enemy, but that’s a moot point overall.  Tight knit group = hard to blend in and really get involved.  They don’t have a guild website so it’s probably a really tight knit group in real life that communicates through other methods.  Apparently they don’t even use /g chat all that much but usually hang out in vent.  They’re also obviously crazy skilled because 3/7 after so many weeks of Firelands and a steady group of 8 or 9 people is not really the top of the line raiding.

Most of these are advantages, however, at the same time.  Not many casters = not many people knowing what I’m doing wrong if I ever mess up.  Tight knit group means there’s less worry that drama will erupt.  It always can, but with groups that know each other it’s more rare.  They’re all working adults or parents so they also understand that real life happens… sometimes raids are cancelled because people can’t make it, nobody cares.  I suppose that’s the precise definition of casual raiding.  Slow progress but casual.

10 man group 2

Lightning’s Blade, Horde.  4/7 progress.  RL girl that has the gift to draw guys to her online in the way that we stereotype.  She’s a friend of mine and I roll my eyes at most guys that simply do what she wants.  However, it’s practical.  2 nights a week.

Problems here are well, if the girl in question isn’t up to organize the raid on any given night, the raid won’t go.  At least 6 or 7 members of this group are only there because she’s a RL GIRL OMG.  Another is her boyfriend.  So while she’s there, this group functions, she’s not, it’s dead.  Lots of casters.

These are excellent players who also wanted to go casual.  I don’t doubt that when they raid, they raid well.  We’re talking about 3 of the top dps of Iron Dragon in ICC if you include me.  Extremely casual and laid back atmosphere… almost TOO casual.  I like that I would have to do absolutely nothing just go on the occasional raid… but how long before extremely casual stops raiding and just waits for 4.3 and the Deathwing raid?

25 man group 1

Exodar, Alliance.  4/7.  Extremely interested in me.  /flattery. 3 nights a week.

Problems here are that it’s 25, and that it’s 3 nights a week.  If I wanted 3 nights a week I could have rejoined Iron Dragon’s raid group.  It’s the same time slot.  And Iron Dragon is infinitely better overall than 4/7. Well, actually, doubly better since they’re now 1/7Heroic.

Advantages are that the group has a leadership core that is really, really motivated and enthusiastic.  Since talking to the recruiter, I’ve had conversations with the guild leader, two other officers and 3 regular members who really want a good Warlock.  They believe (RIGHTLY SO) that I’m a good Warlock.  Sometimes a lack of progress is more than made up for by an enthusiasm among the player base.  As all 25 mans however, how long does a lack of progress continue to function before the top players on the logs start looking elsewhere and the group starts struggling to field a roster?  As I’ve been told, they have roughly 21-22 dependable people and often have to pug the last 3 or 4 raid spots among friends from outside the guild or from /trade.  That’s why I could have a core spot right away.  Hard to say, if this was 2 nights a week I’d give them the first try purely for the enthusiasm level.  With 3, I’m iffy.

No man at all, Coilfang

My other option is to simply transfer Latus back to Coilfang and at least PVP.  Affliction Warlock + Disc Priest in 2s? LOL our way to 2200+.  I could start organizing a 10man by myself and recruiting some players from the server.  I know a lot of people there, they know me, etc etc…

This is the option where I’m least likely to actually raid.



So wtf

I’m at a loss.  The thing that makes most sense to me (and is exciting because I could maybe be a wolfman) is to transfer to Alliance Exodar and talk to both guilds over there about a trial period.  The 10man group usually brings their trials to tier11 content to see how they like the group and how the group likes them.  In the meantime, I could raid Firelands with the 25man to see the same thing there.

The horde 10 man is the best option for totally casual and laid back raiding, but it’s also the worst option for reliable raiding.

Coilfang is ALWAYS an ok option for fun, definitely not for raiding.



11 Responses to “In which I write thoughts to help myself”

  1. 1 Tania August 19, 2011 at 2:13 pm

    From a purely selfish perspective, I would like to lol my way to 2200+, but that isn’t really helpful. 😀

    Trial periods sound like they could work. You could get a feel for the tight-knit group and the 25 man’s troubles with filling the roster, and of course get your ego inflated. And since spending money server hopping doesn’t bother you, there’s no real reason not to.

    As for the horde 10 man, her boyfriend is a problem? I assume because he doesn’t play? Or does play and cause drama from jealousy because everyone wants the omg rl girl? Confused!

    • 2 latusthegoat August 19, 2011 at 3:51 pm

      No no, the boyfriend isn’t a problem, I was just listing that the group members are all people who are there purely because she is there. If she isn’t, none of them care.

      • 3 Tania August 19, 2011 at 4:19 pm

        Oooh, okay. So I don’t get the point of playing with an OMG RL girl when you know she has a boyfriend if she’s the only reason you show up.

        Men/boys (I have no idea how old they are) are strange.

        • 4 latusthegoat August 19, 2011 at 4:21 pm

          Well I like her and I like the boyfriend, we get along well. They’re the two I met up with in NY when I went earlier this year. I just know how 99% of males play around women in WoW and that the group’s continuation hangs entirely in how often she wants to keep doing these raids. *shrug* probably why it’s a bad idea if I want to actually raid regularly, but also the best idea if I want to do it sporadically.

  2. 8 repgrind August 19, 2011 at 2:31 pm

    If you really want to raid, your best bet is to go for the group with the highest chance of staying together and not blowing up. That first group you listed seems like the best option, in my opinion at least. I started filling in for a close-knit group on another server, just as a backup. As I got to know them, I found that I fit in quite well … so well, in fact, that I leveled a new toon to be a permanent core raider in the team. Of course, the thing I was looking for in a 10 was a close group … that may not be what you want.

    • 9 latusthegoat August 19, 2011 at 3:52 pm

      You actually brought something up that’s quite important: I don’t know what I want! >.<

      You're right though that the tight groups are the ones that will persevere and be around. HRMMMM now to raid or not to raid, that is the question.

  3. 10 Puddleduck August 21, 2011 at 8:36 pm

    It doesn’t seem like you will given the choices you have open, but I probably have some log screenshots (he vanity) with you in them if you end up applying somewhere completely new. I might even have .zips of old logs from all the uploading, though that might be a little sporadic in selection.

    • 11 latusthegoat August 21, 2011 at 9:03 pm

      That’s pretty awesome, if it turns out I do need some more “proof” that I’m not fail. As it stands, I’ve thrown out any options that are more than twice a week… and a reader of the blog has approached me about a private guild of hers that may have room for a dps (even though they already have a destro lock, her own toon).

      Failing that, I’m coming to Coilfang to my original home and laying low… probably slowly forming my own once a week run again of some kind. Booo.. 😦

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