Water, water everywhere…

And not a drop to drink!


As most of you know, even the ones with a bad memory, I stopped raiding around March for various reasons, mostly though because it wasn’t any fun anymore. What that really means is up for debate, whether it was burn out, whether i didn’t like some of the new members of our guild, whether I was tired of rehashed encounters, who knows! I don’t know fully myself. What I do know is at the time, I was getting frustrated at each raid and not because of a lack of progression… that has never been a problem. My readers from Raging Spears would know that as long as we’re having fun, I can wipe on LK for 6 bloody months. I was getting frustrated at the whole experience of being in the raid and subsequently enjoyed not raiding anymore. I greatly enjoyed (enjoy) not having a set schedule where I’m busy 3 nights a week… it has contributed to my well being in great ways. I -can- go to bed before midnight if I choose to… Anyways, with summer slowly drawing to a close, and with enjoyment at the game having been rekindled (possibly thanks to having stepped away when I did?), I would like to raid again. The problems from that are a few:

-I would like to raid but am reluctant to commit to multiple days anew. This kinda leaves me out of rejoining Iron Dragon’s raiding team. Not to mention that a few people wouldn’t exactly welcome me back with open arms because we’ve always disliked each other (for instance, my raid leader. I enjoy playing with him but cannot raid with him. We just clash. Without speaking, we clash. If it’s an alt raid, or a guild group, that’s fine, we joke and get along. Main group raid? We do not get along. I don’t know why, it just is. I don’t try to understand it. I’m sure you’ve all had your run ins like this in rl and in game.)

-I would like to raid more casually but without casual meaning “bad”. I don’t mind a lack of progression, but I greatly mind incompetence. If we fail because we’re all learning, that’s fine. If we fail because one person is incapable of grasping their class or a fight mechanic despite repeated attempts, that’s frustrating.

-Iron Dragon’s alt run was beautiful for me. We sheduled it Sundays for 3 hours. Problem is, we went once, and then people stopped showing up. So my main and best hope was dashed once the organizers cancelled it. Since the organizers were two officers who live together and who could field tanks or healers as needed, and STILL couldn’t make it work, I don’t feel like trying to get something going myself because it’ll be equally futile.

-Casual groups around Moon Guard advertise but are incompetent.

-Competent groups advertise but want dedication of a few days a week and ultimately to join their guilds.


-Raids everywhere, but none that suit me currently!

So yes, I’m not saying my problems are reasonable or easy or things that can’t be worked around, they just are problems! I would like to raid, and raid well, but casually time-wise. One day a week sounds beautiful. Unless an alt run gets off the ground, I don’t see it happening unfortunately.

*SIGH* Back to trollroics 7 times a week.

Hey, at least I’m improving on my pvp!  My deathknight wasn’t a total fail and even went 8-2.


4 Responses to “Water, water everywhere…”

  1. 1 Tania August 12, 2011 at 6:01 pm

    I would love to raid, but since people raid nights and I work nights (except Sundays), this isn’t happening. All the hard workers in RS who enjoyed PvE (there are decent PvPers, but they won’t even do BH for the PvP stuff that drops 😦 ) quit.

    Unless a guild that only does Sunday runs magically appears, I’m stuck.

    And so, here I am, hoping you continue to get less sucky at DK. 😀

  2. 2 Tania August 12, 2011 at 6:14 pm

    The alts from your Iron Dragon guild should transfer to Coilfang for Sunday runs! BRILLIANT.

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