Morning thoughts

Does a point ever come when we look at our characters and are satisfied with where they are, what they’ve accomplished, what they’re wearing?

I suppose the point of a progression MMO is such that this point never actually hits.  If it did, it would be like a Game Over sign flashing across our screen.  That would be kinda refreshing, don’t you think?  You kill Deathwing and you get end-game credits and then are forced to reroll a level 1.  It would make for so much rage!  And also would never happen…  shame.  The progressive nature of the game is what causes burnout, since you’re always pressured into wanting to improve your character; that pressure is not necessarily an outside one either, very often it is your own desire to constantly improve your toon that is the driving force behind an incredible grind to boost your stats by just a few points.  In PVP, people really did grind entire sets in a single weekend.  That’s pretty much nonstop playing for 72 hours.  In PVE, people reroll entire professions, do Arch from 1-525, make hundreds of thousands of gold to buy the right cutting edge BOE gear…  anything to improve their stats.

Is there room in such a mindset for “this is it, I’m happy with the way this toon is right now and don’t care to change him any further?” Or her, of course.

I personally think there might be, if you can let go of the desperate need to improve.  RP realms are probably better at giving players this attitude because of the way they play them, where a level 23 might actually be all they want for a specific type of roleplay they’re doing, and so forget the need to advance.  At that point, a player can decide that a toon is actually as good as it will ever need to be.  Just because I have 3 85s doesn’t mean all of them have to be ready to raid, or ready to kick ass in pvp.

Of course, that being said, all 3 of my 85s are ready to kick ass in pvp, and all are ready to raid, and uhhhhhhhhhhggghhhhh 😀


3 Responses to “Morning thoughts”

  1. 1 Cynwise July 25, 2011 at 6:38 am

    One of the great appeals of twinking is that you can say, at some point, the gear grind will end. You will actually have the best gear available. I remember hitting that point on my warrior twink – like, I have sets for every spec, every situation. There is no more gear to get.

    It was oddly relaxing.

    And then I realized I could chase Achievements on her. Crazy achievements. And there were people who were waaaay ahead of me, and the only limit was my time.

    This game, it never ends. 😦

  2. 2 Ankatra July 25, 2011 at 11:09 am

    Even RP encourages you to at least level your character. Nobody will care if you have shiny gear — well, maybe pretty RP gear — but a lot of RPers won’t bother with you if you’re low level because that character is viewed as having not a lot of time invested in it and more likely to disappear. And to be honest, sometimes it’s hard to take a level 20 seriously. And so my nelf priest, who is almost purely an RP character, continues his arduous journey across Northrend… at least I won’t feel the need to grind heroics.

  3. 3 Iavasul August 4, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    I like having tasks to do and things to try to attain. It’s fun. If I miss it, that’s okay. I just try at my own pace and learn from others. People make the game fun so I ‘work’ for them. It helps to have little goals to escape pain and distract from the long term. Even if the little goals aren’t real and missing them causes no pain.

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