The tragic hero

While doing the quest after acquiring Leyara’s pocket, I stumbled on another piece of the puzzle called “why I dont love this expansion.”

The tragic hero

Kael’thas was a heartbroken elf who wanted to save his people and took a few too many wrong turns.  Even in death he evoked pity, being raised as a husk of his former self to be slaughtered by the average five man.  We killed him and loved him at the same time.

Illidan? I can’t begin to explain how tragic he is. Three books are written about it. Heartbroken, wanting the best for his people, actually saving those people, helping to defeat deathwing at the same time… Imprisoned by his twin brother… Once again we killed and loved him.

Aran in Kara constantly screaming that “i want this nightmare to be over!”  You can’t help but feel bad for this ghost trapped in this existence.

Malygos? Gone mad after his people were destroyed and his consort raised as an undead? I felt terrible killing him, so did an awful lot of people who paid attention.

In Ulduar we saved four guardians who had been corrupted.  We then fought Vezax and Yogg and got revenge.

Arthas. The very forests of Lordaeron whispered his name. The ultimate act of tragedy in Warcraft is the Lich King.  People wept openly when he was finally killed, that’s how much he was loved.

None so far

Undead Onyxia the electrician? Nefarian the circus master of ceremonies? Al’akir? Cho’gall? Ragnaros?

None of these have ever had enough ties to good things to warrant our love.  Ok, some people like Onyxia but nobody felt bad when she died. She did enough bad things that our attachment is purely to the character’s presence, not story.

Even Deathwing is not very strong in our hearts because people just do not know his story without reading the books.  Plus we just aren’t familiar with anything good that he has done so it will take some work from blizzard to make us mourn Deathwing as we mourned many others.

Fandral, Leyara and Valstann

To avoid any spoilers, I won’t actually say what their story is, save that we all know that Fandral’s son, Valstann, died in the wars against the bugs and Fandral forever blamed Malfurion for the death.  He went bad because he thought it could give him back his son.  Now the locket questline adds further depth to the tragedy and it is very touching.

Those two are the tragic heroes this expansion so desperately needed, and I applaud Blizzard for the Firelands.


1 Response to “The tragic hero”

  1. 1 Tania July 24, 2011 at 12:44 am

    I tend to agree – overall, the lore of this expansion does not grip me as much as the previous one did. In spite of racechanging from Undead to Blood Elf (seriously, arcane torrent is just > Will of the forsaken), the entire Wrath expansion felt like Morg’s path towards revenge, and finally killing the Lich King felt so vindicating in an extremely nerdy, but highly satisfying, way.

    And BC? Oh man, Karazhan. I love Karazhan so so much. I would move into Kara IRL. Well… empty Kara.

    But I really don’t feel invested in anything in this expansion. Neither BWD nor that other one with Cho’gall made me think “oh MAN, this is epic and (boss) needs to die!” Questlines were fun enough, but not with the same feeling of an end-goal of omg epic revenge.

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