Morning thoughts

Having unlocked the next round of dailies on the warlock, I’ve solved my dilemma of how to organize dailies, valor cap and pvp cap across three toons: I simply don’t.

Latus does all the dailies and worries about pve stuff.  Hopefully an alt ten man gets off the ground and he can get half of his valor points that way.  If not, damn, trollroics.  If and when possible, he’ll jump in to a rated Pug for some conquest points, but it isnt a concern.

Cowtch, the druid, worries about pvp stuff.  Rated battlegrounds are important even if I have to be the one to organize them.

Panolviel, my dk, worries about grinding honor whenever I dont feel like playing the other toons. 

And most of all, if I miss a day of the grind, oh well, who cares…

Huzzah, crisis averted, not doing three rounds of dailies!


2 Responses to “Morning thoughts”

  1. 1 Saga July 14, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    I’m fighting with myself about the whole daily grind. I’m doing the daily quests – but I feel like I should get VP capped as well. It’s not a requirement from my guild, because we’re not hardcore in any way – but for my own sake I’d like to.

    Thing is, I hate doing HCs on my Warlocks. I couldn’t tell you why. It could be the long queues, or that I have no real influence on how the group gets through like I do if I heal/tank.. Or something else entirely. But I just have no interest in doing Heroics. But I feel like I should.

    It’s a real struggle for me, to the point I’m almost feeling stressed. Which is a bad sign *lol* It’s a game and should be enjoyed, not something I worry about if I have time to finish doing X , Y or Z.

    Maybe it’s time to sit down and realise the VP grind isn’t such a big deal.

  2. 2 Tania July 14, 2011 at 10:45 pm

    I can barely bring myself to grind anything on my main lately, I couldn’t imagine you actually trying to be fully productive on a main and two alts.

    Those damned tree marks. I wonder what the point is if RS is never going to have enough people capable of raiding. 😦

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