Am I a goblin at heart?

Heavens, two posts in a day!

Toronto is terrible for headaches right now

Worry not, I’m merely at home because I cannot possibly work today out on the construction site with this migraine that I’ve had since last night.

I blame the weather here, desert during the day, thunderstorms with a million lightning flashes at night, rinse, repeat, over and over for the past 3 weeks.  Toronto is brutal on people who are sensitive to changes in the atmosphere (Thanks Mom! I got it all from you! Yay!).

So here I sit, and I can’t even focus enough on WoW or any other game or TV because too much stuff blinks and moves and it makes me owwwww a lot, but oddly I can tilt my head to one side while wearing a couple icepacks as helmets and taptaptap away at my keyboard (not to be confused with fapfapfap, of course… different beast altogether).

The Cowtch Project

Cowtch (my dr00d) has been progressing nicely.  Got him to 80 85 (only caught this after I wrote the whole post), he’s blowing through ZA/ZG now as a healer, and he’s got some purples and isn’t oom within 15 seconds of a boss pull.  He even got a pvp weapon thanks to some 2s with Morgania.  But what made me sad is that I blew about 12000 gold (he had 12500 gold) to level leatherworking as I hit 85.

I don’t know why I did it… for the cheap leg enchants (that I don’t even use as resto, GRRRR)?  For the +130 int to bracers?

Oh wait, I’m an idiot with a migraine who forgot… I did it to craft myself pvp gear so I could start pvping right away without getting two shot by a Warlock’s imp.

seriously would kill me on its own, eff u lack of resilience


So there I was, an 85 in terrible crafted pvp gear and about 500 gold to my name.  Yes, yes, I know, 4.2 will upgrade the crafted pvp gear and I should have waited, this is/was excellent advice were it not for the fact that I’m arguably the most impatient gamer out there.  Heck, when I got my Warlock to 70 and realized I needed/wanted the Frozen Shadoweave set, I spent all my gold on any mats I could buy and then for everything I didn’t have I farmed.  All night.  Fishing, killing elementals.  All night. I then called in sick to work the next day because I had literally stayed up until 8 am and would not even make it to work on time.

Impatient gamer. *cough*

Other than an impatient gamer, I’m also a gamer who likes to have gold.  The only thing stopping me from being a goblin-esque millionaire is my impatience at wanting to also do other things RIGHT NOW while playing.  So playing the AH is usually not my strong point. 

Drastic times call for desperate measures, however, and AH playing it had to be!

Buuut… how… I had 500 gold.

I went to work on a few things.

People are stupid, Gevlon was right

Without actual numbers, or anything even resembling proof outside of two or three items, I present to you my plan for making some quick gold without much work.

I looked at the price of Heavy Savage Leather and of Savage Leather.  (5 savage = 1 heavy).

Heavy Savage was going for 37g.

Savage leather was going for 120g/stack or less.

Quick math here is that 1 stack of savage = 4 heavy savage…  so 1 stack of savage at 120g had the potential to become around 145g after AH cuts.  This might not seem like a massive profit (25g is a daily quest after all) but I thought why not! Let’s start it up!  Since that day, I’ve lowered my minimum price at which I buy (while monitoring the heavy savage costs) and I only pick up stacks of savage leather under 100g, which I then transform and resell as heavy leather.

Stupidity increases

Where I thought this was all I could do, I then checked the price of Pristine Hide, which are bought in Twilight Highlands for 10 Heavy Savage Leathers.  Here’s where the math is stupid… average prices are:

savage leather – 5g each

heavy savage leather – 35g each

pristine hide – 450 g each

The equation is:

1 hide = 10 heavy savage = 50 savage leather

If you replace that with the gold values:

450 g = 350 g = 250 g

Do you see why I say that people are stupid?  I’ve literally gone to the auction house, bought up all the savage leather under 5g per, converted to pristine hides and made a profit of almost 100% on the whole transaction.

I can pay more for the mats and still make a profit, or I can sell the hides for much less and still make a profit… it’s stupid, people are dumb. I’m making money because and thanks to this.

How about actual investments?

I thought this was nice, but eventually someone will screw me over and undercut a lot and I’ll lose money because I’m not patient enough to fight on the AH.  What if I tried crafting the boe epics?

I’ve sold 2 boe agility leather belts (Nefarious ones) for 3000g each, which was a profit of about 1500g based on the mats I bought.  I didn’t farm anything specifically, although I don’t factor in chaos orb prices at all while they’re soulbound items.  I run heroics, I usually win the orbs, I consider them a free by product in terms of money invested/gained.  So I bought all the mats for two of those belts, I crafted, I sold.  Took three days for both belts to sell. 3000g richer now.

Trying it now with the spirit belt instead, same price, similar profits.  Heck, even if people try to undercut, I’m happy making 500g profit off this.  I’m happy making 100g profit, it’s still profit!  So I win either way.


Where are you now?

Doing just these basic, basic, basic AH transactions (one type of leather into another into another) my bags are bag up to 10,000 gold with enough material inside them to make my networth close to 20,000, probably 15k if I desperately needed money and sold everything off at massively reduced prices.

That’s not bad…


Point of this post?

Making gold is easy if you’ve got a profession that turns one type of easily gathered material into an equally easily crafted material.   Leatherworking (heavy leathers), blacksmithing (bars, cooldowns), tailoring (cloth into runed bolts?) are wonderful at this.  Just keep an eye on the AH for a day or two, see how things are going, and go for it. Why not, worst case scenario is that you’re stuck with some mats you can actually use.

And if your profession’s boe items aren’t showing up on the AH, think about crafting them yourself… check the AH for how much it would cost you to buy all the mats, invest, craft, sell.  Don’t be greedy and expect 10k gold for a belt at this point (though it isn’t impossible) and you’ll find making gold is as easy as it ever was.


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  1. 1 Tania June 17, 2011 at 8:19 pm

    I was browsing along down my google reader and read “taptaptap away at my keyboard (not to be confused with fapfapfap, of course… different beast altogether)” and thought “haha, not according to your phone’s autocorrect!”

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