A disco ball, that’s what it was.

There is a mysterious place inside my brain that shares a link with an equally mysterious place on the internet.  When triangulated to my location in Toronto, Canada, it allows us to see a veritable Latus Triangle that is simply higher North than the much more known Bermuda Triangle.  Allow me to demonstrate:

Yes, my mind is in the Atlantic and it turns out the internet is actually in New Brunswick.  Who knew!


The mysterious properties of this Latus Triangle is that it swallows up any post that is mentioned prior to actually being written and never lets it go.  Notable casualties of said triangle are “Things all Warlocks should know about battlegrounds”, “Top Ten WoW Songs”, and now a post about awesome items that unite the horde and alliance. 

Heck, we can TALK about the posts, but they’re never going to see the light of day anymore.  They’ve been sucked in and the Latus Triangle cannot release them! 

It was a disco ball.  As I already said.  And it was cool.  And both sides danced at Slags instead of fighting, despite 2 towers being captured by the attackers.

That was really the whole post, except with much more storytelling but you will never know now!

The Latus Triangle struck again!


Gevlon Triangle

Ok there is no Gevlon Triangle at all (unlike the Latus Triangle, of course, which is real and documented by national geographic), but occasionally he writes a post that I really like.  Or, in this case, one sentence that I really like:

“But PvP is not a priority so don’t expect this to be fixed soon. They have better things to do, like recoloring Alar mount 10 different ways to produce 10 “unique and cool” mounts.”

That’s from Rated BG winrate.


Saga at Commentbound

One of my favourite bloggers, Saga at Spellbound brought up blog comments and how they’re like e-hugs to most bloggers.  I suppose getting a “lol ur dumb that’s not how it works” comment is more like getting an e-std more than an e-hug, feeling-wise, but nonetheless it’s fun to get comments.  That’s the whole premise of her post part 1 and part 2

I comment when I feel I have something to add, or sometimes just to tell someone I ❤ them for whatever they wrote.  Or to tell an anecdote because nothing brings a good post home like a totally unrelated story that happened to someone else. Yep.  Buuuut, I don’t comment quite as often as I’d like to because I do most of my blog reading on my phone.  Have you tried to waste your time commenting on a phone on the run?  It’s not pleasant.  ID, verification code, oops, autocorrect screwed the pooch, try again, oops, throw phone against wall, ???, profit.

When a particularly poignant post shows up  that I feel I must reread later or at least comment, I’ll mark it unread and leave it sitting in my reader for when I get home to a decent sized computer.

Buuut, Saga did make me think of it all, and she’s absolutely right, I’ll make a conscious effort to give out more e-hugs.

Ironically, I haven’t commented on those posts of hers.


5 Responses to “A disco ball, that’s what it was.”

  1. 1 Saga June 10, 2011 at 5:11 pm

    Well, what’s life without irony? 😉

    I’m just glad the posts made people think about comments and comment love – I find the whole blogging thing including comments and writing very interesting as a phenomenon. In so many ways – but I won’t go into that here cause I’m feeling dizzy and just back from traveling for about 10 hours, so I may need to lie down *lol*

  2. 2 Elleiras June 10, 2011 at 5:34 pm

    You have inspired me to comment and tell you that I still read you and I think you’re all kinds of awesome. 🙂

  3. 5 Tania June 10, 2011 at 8:21 pm

    That’s pretty much exactly why I comment on the posts of most bloggers I follow. Even if I can’t think of anything more than vaguely related, people like acknowledgement that they’ve been read and possibly enjoyed.

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