Mount-Bag from Heroics

This little experiment of Blizzard’s to help queue times seemed made of fail at the time they announced it, and having observed it in action, I still think it is fail.  Here are some reasons, random ones that come to my head at this time:

1- queue times for dps are still the same if not higher than they were.  Latus is told to wait upward of 20 minutes for a heroic and over 40 minutes for a ZA/ZG heroic.  This is supposed to be somehow improved?

2- the goody bag isn’t truly representative of the queue’s demands.  Tanks –always- have the little icon showing they will get the reward.  So why, then, do I queue as my healer and get an insta-queue without a reward bag?  I’m not talking about a queue within 5 seconds, I’m talking, “join queue BAM A DUNGEON IS FORMED FOR YOU”.  That seems like healers are in demand at that time.

3- the only way to get the reward bag for healers and tanks is to go it alone and risk pugging with 4 strangers.  Fuck that.  The reason we probably rolled tanks and healers is to run quickly with friends.


Maybe a premium service of some sort to let us jump a queue, eh, Blizzard? That would make sense right?


2 Responses to “Mount-Bag from Heroics”

  1. 1 Tania May 23, 2011 at 3:02 pm

    Yeah, I had the option of the fancy bag one night, back near the release of the patch, but never since. And that night was another tank-with-25k-health-and-DPS-who-stood-in-fires-night.

    And yes, on the rare occasions I feel I should get the three random heroics for my second tier piece and queue alone, it’s instant without the fancy bag.

    But they won’t let Morg queue as a tank for some reason! I totally last longer than some “tanks!”

  2. 2 red cow May 25, 2011 at 6:13 am

    Your last sentence makes me think of the Express Passes that Disney/Universal sell to cut the regular line! Not that I would want to pay extra money for either….

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