Hello, World!

Ahh, Sunday morning and I’m not at work (yet).  Hell, it’s almost noon and I’m still in my pyjamas (or naked, bow chicka wowowow)!  Crazy times, when I get some hours off that aren’t between midnight and 4 am.

Anyways, despite my slave-like employment of recent months since I stopped raiding, I haven’t exactly stopped playing.  Well, I did for a while, and I played other games (world of tanks, I lurve you k have babies with me yay), and about a week or two ago I discovered something about WoW again:

I’m enjoying it again.

That makes me really happy because I love the WoW universe.  So Huzzah for that!  I noticed it when I logged on Latus and did a battleground (as I was prone to do even earlier) and there was just something different.  Just like when you know you’ve had enough and nothing sparkles attractively in the game (like shined shoes from Dalaran, not like vampires), suddenly everything –does- sparkle again (shoes, not vampires.  VAMPIRES DO NOT SPARKLE!).


Coming to grips with my decision to stop raiding was difficult for many reasons, but two of them were most important…  both selfish I guess, but one more than the other.

1- leaving the peoples I (mostly) enjoyed spending time with online in this game.  For the most part we shared many a stupid laughs and for the most part I liked them.  There were some people who I disliked in their role during raids but liked otherwise, if that makes sense.  In fact, only one person like that, but whatever, the point is it was hard to let go of this group and it was hard to let this group down by leaving.

2-  caster legendary.  We all knew it was coming in the next patch.  So caster legendary.  Not Valanyr or something else that hunters will be using… a real, honest to the Naaru, dps caster legendary.  I could have had it.  Either first or second in the guild.  It would have been mine (by seniority as a caster dps, it would’ve been mine, however an officer who joined not too long after I did could possibly have dibs on it, ignoring the raid leader who just recently switched toons to a caster and who will probably want it).  Point is, I would have had this weapon had I stayed.  Guaranteed.

Perhaps it’s a combination of both that made it easier since staying on for another few months just to get my legendary and THEN leaving would have been a real jerkwad thing to do… but yeah, maaaaaaan that weapon is nice.

I know, warlocks are more about the main hand + off hand, and guess what… fuck it! ITS A GODDAMN LEGENDARY!

Grab it, hold on to it, make sweet love to it, whisper in its ear, stab mages with it.  Do anything you can do have it.  Kiss babies, kill babies, whatever it takes. You’re a warlock, make the weapon proud!


Does that mean you’re thinking of starting to raid again?

No.  Yes.  But no.  I’ve got a two week trip planned for late July, I don’t want to come back now for 2 months, then take a two week break, then start school and not know what my schedule will be like.  I’m more than likely to join some alt runs or fill in as backup in the new raid to see how it looks, but I can’t and won’t commit to 3 or more days of raiding again for some time.  I’d love it for a week or two, but then something would come up and I’d want to do that instead of raid but I couldn’t and it’d be the same cycle again.

The appeal of the best gear is also not as strong as it was.  My re-sparklization of WoW seems to be on a more casual level.  It doesn’t always appear that way even in my mind because there are over 3 years of hardcore thinking telling me how to play, but it’s there.  So my resto druid has some green items… *shrug*  So looking at World of Logs for my guild shows me the DPS I was doing would have me fighting to remain in the top 5 even on fights where I would dominate… *shrug*  Good lord, yes, I want the best stuff, but I’m not willing to put in 9 hours of scheduled play a week just to have it anymore.  I’ll play 50 hours a week if I feel like it, but unscheduled.

That, of course, does not mean I’m not willing to be part of a regular alt run or a run on my druid once a week or two. HINT HINT RAGING SPEARS, 10 MAN SUNDAYS GO GO GO.


Is this one of those rambly posts of yours with no real point anywhere?



Resto Druid, did I hear that right?

Yes.  I’ve been playing him for about a week to go from 82-85, battlegrounds for 2 levels and then finishing Hyjal questing.  In fact, I finished Hyjal and then did CoC (best abbreviation ever in the game) and hit 85, with the help of a lot of regular dungeons and BGs in between.

I understand now, healing is hell in Cataclysm.  I understood before, but not firsthand.  Holy mother of standing in fire!  At least until I got some more spirit.  I forget which blog said it long ago when Cata was released, but it went along the lines of “I was struggling horribly and then I put in some spirit gems.  I don’t know what the threshold is for mana problems/ no more mana problems, but those gems helped me reach it.  Now it’s still hectic, but I’m never oom.”

That was true for me.  The first couple heroics were hell, I was oom within 10 seconds of the fight, having popped everything known to man to restore mana.  Now after getting maybe 200-250 more spirit overall, I’m fine. It’s cool.


Losing my heroic healing virginity in Deadmines

Having roughly 4 or 5 items that I could buy from justice points (4000 + 4k honor converted to justice) along with a 346 pair of shoes, I realized I was at ilvl 330, so I lol’d and queued up for a heroic.  Bam, Deadmines, 3 guys from one server including a DK tank with 140k health.  I thought this would be bad.

It was.

Badly geared tank, badly geared healer, zero cc, wipe.  And wipe.  I had only zoned in at the doors to the docks, mid-run.  Wipe on trash, we even wiped on the first pull on the ship because a warlock had his felpuppy on FuckingCrazy and he ran around the ship aggroing everything.

Boss fight, nobody hit the vapours if the boss was up.  Wiped around 30%.  The one from another server dropped group, a shadow priest in mostly heroic raid gear joined, single handedly beat the encounter for the 4 of us.

We killed thingy dude in the cauldron because a blind child with voice control instead of a keyboard could solo that fight.

The group of 3 people from one server dropped group then.  I think they thought that was the end of the instance or something.  We waited for roughly 20 minutes for replacements and got a DK tank with 196k health. I liked.  We downed it, I was oom every time I went on the swing.  Tank died once, I brezzed, I died, tank dk-rezzed.  It was exciting.

And I was sweating buckets the whole time because my fucking mana was at ZERROOOOOOOO.

Deadmines, I will have fond memories of you and how you treated me roughly.


Other Games?

Oh yeah, check out Battleheart on your smartphones.  It’s a 3$ purchase but it’s so cool!  Totally worth it.  Was out on the iPhone for a while, and very recently released on Android. 


12 Responses to “Hello, World!”

  1. 1 Ankatra May 22, 2011 at 1:34 pm

    Alt runs don’t exist. 😦

  2. 2 Tania May 22, 2011 at 3:16 pm

    Goood luck with Sunday runs. Agaetis and I were trying for pretty much weeks to get enough people online on Sundays. :/

    • 3 Tania May 22, 2011 at 3:43 pm

      Oh, and healing heroics? Even with really good mana regen, you’ll go OOM with the really terrible groups. This is why you always see me doing BGs and not heroics. 😛

      • 4 latusthegoat May 22, 2011 at 4:12 pm

        Yeah, the first one was rough, bought a few more spirit gems after it, then the second was better (Stonecore), then the third was awesome, then I did 3 more with Sehk tanking and there was no problem at all anymore.

        • 5 Tania May 22, 2011 at 11:03 pm

          I can only assume you’re getting luckier in the queue than I ever have. I seem to get tanks with the same amount of health that I have combined with DPS who stand in the fire or the fire’s equivalent. And then we wipe a lot, I cry, quit the instance, and do PvP.

          Having a tank who can actually tank without constantly spamming your big heal on them to the detriment of fire-standers is so insanely helpful. But not often something that I ever get lucky with…

          And also, thousands of adult women and teenage girls would disagree with you about the sparkling. I have some shimmer body cream, if you’d like, I know you’re into the cougars. 😉

          • 6 latusthegoat May 22, 2011 at 11:33 pm

            It could have something to do with being a resto druid and having aoe heals and group hots coming out of my butt (not literally. I don’t think so at least). I could do with a survival cooldown though… damn that would be handy.

            Shimmer cream won’t help cougars. Cougars don’t need help. Cougars are predatory animals that prey upon young flesh.

  3. 7 Tania May 22, 2011 at 11:54 pm

    I think the cougars in Ontario must be different than the cougars in BC, because they don’t actually attack people often! Except young men. They like the young, drunk men.

    • 8 latusthegoat May 23, 2011 at 12:23 am

      Haha, I tried to find some major “international cougar convention” website because it’s an event that takes place in Toronto, I think they crown a miss world cougar or something… and I found “cougarlife.com”, it’s a dating website for cubs/cougars. After some profile checking, I come across this:

      “I’m not sure I qualify as a cougar type, but I do enjoy men who take care of themselves and know how to treat a lady. I prefer guys who are mature and know what they want. If this sounds like you please contact me. ”

      That’s a massive cougar fail right there. Cougars don’t want a relationship they want to bang young men… stupid woman.

      • 9 Tania May 23, 2011 at 12:34 am

        The mature thing, too. Isn’t the whole point they’re young, stupid, and horny?

        I also totally did not know the young men they were after were referred to as “cubs,” but I suppose it makes sense.

        This is totally related to your new re-interest in WoW.

        • 10 latusthegoat May 23, 2011 at 12:45 am

          You brought cougars up. It snowballed from there.

          It’s not a new re-interest, it’s being able to not be frustrated just by logging on and wondering “why dont I enjoy this”.

  4. 12 Tania May 25, 2011 at 3:38 pm

    Also, I totally just remembered there are both cougars in WoW (highland cougars) and vampires, in ICC. I fail. 😦

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