The Sims Medieval–An Intro

A word of caution, this really is a noob’s tale.  Other than owning an original NES and then a Sega Genesis, I have no gaming experience with anything resembling modern games with four exceptions:

1 – the NHL Hockey franchise (although 92-93 was the one I focused on, on my first PC)
2 – the Heroes of Might and Magic series (1 2 and 3)
3 – Civilizations and CivII, and Colonizations
4 – World of Warcraft

Ok, so to be fair, none of those except WoW qualify as “modern games” and that’s my point entirely.  I don’t know what first person shooters are, what roleplaying games are, what single player games are, or what any games, in fact, are.

I know the basic premise of the original Sims games which is to try to kill your people through various means like starvation or … something else, I don’t know.  At least that’s how one person I know played it.  But yeah, in my eyes the Sims franchise was a glorified digital ant farm.

Why Buy a Digital Ant Farm, Latus? Doof!

Some time in the last year, Tania sent me a link to a trailer for the Sims Medieval and I thought it looked cool.  So based purely on the fact that it “looked cool”, I bought it now that I was reminded that it was out.

At 49.95$ for either a physical copy or a digital download, I didn’t like that I couldn’t find a pirated copy because I don’t like dishing out 50$ for a game I possibly won’t like.  But woe, such is life!

I downloaded and installed it and fired it up.

And thus was born the next series of posts (of which only one is guaranteed to ever see the light of day) titled The Sims Medieval, a Noob’s Tale.


2 Responses to “The Sims Medieval–An Intro”

  1. 1 Tania April 5, 2011 at 11:08 pm

    I could have told you where to get a pirated copy, but it required a bit of finesse to crack and I, personally, didn’t want to put in the effort.

    There are actually a bunch of ways to kill your Sims. You can make them swim and then take away the ladder (because they can’t get out of the sides, I guess), lock them in a room with a fireplace, and probably more, but I never tried killing off my Sims except once, because I wanted to see what the ghost did (when they die, you get a ghost!). Mostly I try to see how much I can make the Sims look like people I know and trying to make the fanciest damned houses ever. And then do it all over again!

    …Which sounds really boring when I describe it that way, but it can literally eat hours of time.

  2. 2 Kels April 13, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    You can kill them by not feeding them, by putting them in a room and removing the doors, and, oh, there are tons of things. At least in the Sims I had, there was one pre-made house with this big graveyard already, and the ghosts roamed around. It was awesome.

    And yeah, I don’t really play the game. I just build houses over and over, play for a short bit, get bored (I can do everything except successfully keep up friendships, and, apparently, without those, you stop getting promoted at work, which makes no sense!) and go build more houses. Hmm … now I want to go home and play the Sims.

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