Daily BG queue

What’s up with this random bg queue?  It always claims it’s a 2-5 minute wait, but then I’m stuck in it for over half an hour and I get frustrated and quit the game.

And it’s sad, too, because it’s the only thing I still log on for.  I’m trying to get some WSG reputation, but I also feel like just doing a random bg not to forget them, and it won’t happen.  If I queue up for WSG, the queue pops almost instantly, same with all the other individual battlegrounds.  Random? No chance in hell!


Anyways, I think my playing time has been about 3 hours in total this week.  I’m impressed, I thought my interest wouldn’t just vanish overnight, but I guess it was overdue.  Said interest will probably be rekindled with each new patch release, but that’s about it.  Who knows what the future holds. 

The one thing that I am doing aside from the occasional battleground is trying to maintain an arena team with a like-minded player.  We get our wins, we’re done, much like many other pvpers this season.  Double dps, it’s entertaining.  We even finally got in vent yesterday for the first time and ended up talking pretty much about everything except the arena games we were taking part in.



Much more importantly, Larisa has retired from blogging.  This r sad day.  Very sad.   Pop on over to her goodbye post at http://www.pinkpigtailinn.com/ .


Sad smile Bye Larisa, loved your writing.


1 Response to “Daily BG queue”

  1. 1 Tania March 28, 2011 at 6:43 pm

    The BG queues are completely messed up, yes, at every level I’ve tried them at. Damned if I can figure out why! Maybe it prioritizes people who queue for specific BGs over people who queue for randoms.

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