20 Days


Twenty Days of World of Warcraft, a blogging challenge (meme?) taken up by Saga over at Spellbound, is at day 20.  The challenge itself was to make a separate post for 20 different topics, all provided, and I could never have done more than two, so for Saga to be on the verge of completion is really amazing to me.

In Spellbound related news, there is also a new url to reach the site (the one in the previous link, dangit!) and a new site layout, so if you aren’t following her posts, now’s a great time to do so!

Yes, Warlock.  Of course!

So congrats, and keep on Warlocking!


Something That Pissed Me Off

A post titled “This Expansion is Dead” over at The Art of Solo’ing WoW, a blog which I normally enjoy for it’s content.

The basic premise, if I may outline it, is thus:

-the writer has lost interest in WoW
-the writer doesn’t feel like leveling his alts
-the writer has no urge to level his professions
-the writer can’t get himself to quest any more
-the writer is “over” flying in Azeroth despite it being his favourite part of Cata

In the closing paragraph, he states “In a way I guess it’s just burnout”.

What do you mean “IN A WAY I GUESS ITS JUST BURNOUT”???  You sound like a depressed 15 year old saying everything sucks, and you –guess- it’s just burnout?  Of course it’s burnout, ffs!

You, and a bunch of other veteran bloggers, are done with the game but you somehow decide you have to say “WoW is Dead”, or “WoW is Dying”, or “This Expansion Sucks / is Dying / Is Done / Is the worst Ever” instead of gracefully acknowledging that hey, you think you’re done with the game for a while.

Larisa over at The Pink Pigtail Inn touched upon this same issue (just with much more eloquence and in a way infinitely more verbose) on January 21st in “The honeymoon is over for bitter veterans”.  I love one sentence most of all in there when she summarizes these veterans who are jaded now: “Isn’t this behavior a little bit odd, thinking about it?”  Yes, yes it is!  Now, because I tactfully decided that WoW Alone was the blog that set me off, I suppose I can write more about that particular post.

For starters, the premise of “WoW Alone” is that this guy played WoW on his own, I don’t remember if he was even guilded or not, but he had fun trying to solo all content.  He had an army of alts to provide all professions and would keep us updated on how his Hunter cleared this and that dungeon.  Again, my memory fails but I believe he was either done all the Wrath 5man content and working on heroics or was very close to that stage.

Now, in my infinite wisdom, I have deduced a very good reason for him to burn out on Cataclysm:


5man groups cannot clear dungeons, so I can’t imagine a Hunter tiptoeing his way around level 85 content in this current gear.  Sure, some God Among Players may prove me wrong, but overall, this expansion was pretty much a “WoW Alone” Killer. 

It isn’t the expansion that is dead, it’s the playstyle.  At least until a few further patches raise everyone’s gear.



9 Responses to “20 Days”

  1. 1 Saga February 1, 2011 at 5:57 am

    Thanks for linking to my new site! 🙂

    The “WoW is dead” people are somewhat frustrating for sure. I can fully understand someone getting tired of a game and deciding to quit playing – no problems there. The issue, for me, is when they go on to say that WoW is dead or how it’s so horrible – as if everyone has to share their view and that because they stop playing the game is bad/dead.

    I don’t see why the rest of us should dislike something just because you do? I tried playing several other MMOs (such as Aion, Warhammer etc) and while they were perfectly good games, they weren’t my cup of tea. But I don’t start going on about how they are horrible or “dead” and that no one should play.

    We all like different things in the end, and I think it’s what we should all acknowledge.

    Anyone can quit the game (or any game) for their own reasons, just don’t make them everyone else’s reasons too.

  2. 2 Tania February 1, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    When you can no longer play the game in a way that was valid through other expansions that was the *only* way you had played through other expansions, it’s probably extremely frustrating and upsetting. And maybe if your playstyle is no longer valid, it is dead in the sense that you can’t play the way you enjoy anymore.

    Considering how much you love this game, I’m surprised you’d be angry at someone else because they’re upset they can’t play the way they enjoy. You’d be pretty upset if you could no longer raid, or PvP, because Blizzard decided they wanted to, I don’t know, focus exclusively on catching bunnies in 5 man groups.

    So I’m not saying he’s right; in general, WoW is great. But in terms of soloable content, it’s dead.

    • 3 latusthegoat February 1, 2011 at 2:01 pm

      No expansion was ever designed with soloing dungeons and raids in mind.

      That being said, solo play is no more dead than this expansion.

      Personal burnout doesn’t mean the game sucks and died.

      • 4 Tania February 1, 2011 at 6:44 pm

        It definitely doesn’t mean the game has, and I didn’t say that. Obviously it’s pretty melodramatic. But his playstyle is no longer viable, so for HIM it is dead.

        He even says “For me, this expansion is dead.”

        I can see you being upset by some of the posters on the Blizzard forums and them insisting that no one is having fun, but that guy you linked is only talking about his personal feeling.

        • 5 latusthegoat February 1, 2011 at 8:58 pm

          Well of course it’s for him, who else is writing that article? wtf.

          • 6 Tania February 1, 2011 at 9:51 pm

            Then, again, I don’t understand why you’re taking him saying that the expansion is dead FOR HIM so personally. Why are you so pissed of by him saying that he thinks he’s done with WoW by saying that it’s dead FOR HIM?

            The game isn’t dead for you, it is for him, but your argument was that the game isn’t dead in general. He didn’t say it was for anyone but himself, so you’re arguing against something he hadn’t said.

            If he’d stated he was done with the game in any other terms, would his post still have pissed you off, I guess is what I’m wondering.

  3. 8 Kelsey February 13, 2011 at 2:46 pm

    You guys, WoW -is- dead.

    Well, for me anyway. Graduate school killed it. 😦

    GTFO, grad school, and let me play my video games again!

  4. 9 Kelsey February 13, 2011 at 2:47 pm

    P.S. That was a joke.

    Well, partly. I really would like the time to play again!

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