There are a lot of excellent titles to be attained in WoW.  With the release of Cataclysm even old pvp titles are now available to modern-day pvpers… you know the ones like Stone Guard or Knight or General or what have you.  Granted, you need high arena or battleground rankings to win the right to them but at least it has become possible.

There is an equal amount of really cool titles to be attained via pve methods.  Ulduar and ICC still give titles.  Want to be a Bane of the Fallen King?  Get your old 10man together and snap to it.  Having 4 times more health is pretty much a free pass to those titles.  Starcaller from Algalon is also neat, all yours to be taken.

Then you have the option of acquiring titles via other methods.  Loremaster? The Explorer? The Seeker? The Exalted… Argent Champion… Ambassador… there are a lot of titles to be acquired for the questers and explorers.

Are there any titles that we don’t think about?


I bet you never saw that turn of events coming in this blog post! Probably thought I’d say “no, there aren’t, see you next week!” but here it is, the plot twist of the century, there are indeed titles that have escaped most of our attention.  The reason for it is simple: most of us don’t actually have an insane amount of pvp kills yet.  I’m moderately active and I’m sitting at 45,000 kills, so when I open up my achievement UI I see the next step of that achievement chain: 50000 Honorable Kills.  Many of you will only be seeing the previous versions of it as well. (it goes up from 1 kill to 100, to 1000, 5000, 10k, 25k, 50k, 100k, 250k).

The reason this is important is that from 1 kill until 50k kills there is nothing special about the achievement, but suddenly, at 100k it rewards you with a title, “Of the Horde” or “Of the Alliance.”, which, really, are pretty cool titles.  But that’s nothing.

The 250k kill achievement rewards you with a title much more representative of itself:


How awesome is that?? Latus the Bloodthirsty.  Win on so many levels.

But Latus!!

I hear you whining already.

But Latus! 250,000 kills is impossible to get I can’t play 24/7 for 10 years!

Really?  How about over 1,250,000 kills?

Don’t believe me that is possible? Check out this dude’s armory:


1 Response to “Sekrets”

  1. 1 Saga January 25, 2011 at 5:56 am

    All I can say is… wow.

    I’m not a big PvPer admittedly. I sometimes think I should give it another try, but I’ve never liked PvP as Alliance. Back when I was horde I did a lot more PvP than I’ve probably done in total as Alliance *lol*

    I guess I should give it a try again, but sadly I doubt I will ever get the Bloodthirsty title.. though it WOULD be cool 😛

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