Lost two posts already, both of them nearly finished. I suppose I deserve that for procrastinating about getting my phone fixed. Oh well.

Tol Barad. Oh Tol Barad.  The Alliance had it when the second hotfix came in and has held it since.  There were a few close calls – most notably a moment where we held two bases and the third was ten seconds from capping before the rez serf turned one of the others – but no luck. And it really isn’t for lack of trying.  The same good players keep queuing while the bad ones give up and stay in Org until we eventually win one.

People are slowly learning not to call for defense where the zerg is happening.  The last game I played had about fifteen people playing preemptive defense and it was definitely alterring the flow of the game. I imagine if 40 people do so it will be an entirely different dynamic.

What worries me is that once we win it, people will be stupid a think defense is a given. It really is not.  It is simple when someone calls where the rezzers should go, but after a week of attacking people might be slow to adapt.  On the other hand, if we win and hold it for a week, we will forget all we learned about the offensive when we inevitably eventually lose it. 

Oh well.  Waiting on a Blizzard major patch to make this a payable battleground that isn’t slanted in favor of defense 99%.


1 Response to “Bojinga”

  1. 1 Saga January 7, 2011 at 9:10 pm

    I really hope they will fix Tol Barad soon. It’s riduculous how we have to see one faction controlling it for hours – sometimes days – at end.

    Makes one almost long for Wintergrasp. It wasn’t without its faults, but at least if you had equal amounts of people the odds were fairly equal for attacking/defending.

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