Bad habits.

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There are no bad habits brought on by wrath of the lich king.  There are only bad players.  I get tired of hearing bad people try to justify failure by blaming wotlk as if that made sense.  Did any good player say “screw it, I’m standing in fire, getting cleaved and tail lashed and I’m pulling threat whenever I can!” ? No, of course not.

The only claim I can make about wotlk is that it let bad players think they’re not so bad by empowering healers to pretty much be able to heal a two hundred man raid by themselves while dpsing at the same time.  Sure, Jim the DK may have taken the dwarf general’s whirlwind in the face while running Nexus. Sure, he let the ice spikes hit him, and no, he didn’t switch to the portals on the chaos boss. And ok, he doesn’t really get why everyone is jumping on Keriszastra and takes fifteen stacks of frost debuff, but none of that is a problem because the healers are keeping him up anyways! He may possibly have been healed up to a kingslayer title, who knows.

My point is that blizzard had given healers the tools necessary to help even utter failures become successful raiders.  The only form of protest available was to let the bads die but doing so would extend the agony instead of shortening it and so most healers rarely bothered to educate idiots.  I sure didn’t on mine.

And today?

Blizzard insisted mana would be an issue but most of us ignored them.  They always said so and it rarely was.  And for once they weren’t lying.  There are a few things to consider:

-our gear sucks was right now. 10% crit and haste? What is this!  Give me back my end of wrath 50% haste and 38% crit!

-the abilities are new.  I’m not personally aware of which of my spells drain my mana fastest.  I have noticed incinerate seems to take about 5%of my max.  In any case, it is a whole new experience right now.

-the fights are new.  Goes without saying everybody is just starting to figure out what and when will hit hard and who will get hit, where best to stand, when to pop cooldowns, etc.

-the mobs are new. We aren’t sure of which mobs to kill first yet, which may be less harmful, which are deadliest…

-bad players are in our runs. They take damage that is avoidable.

Those things combined with the fact that healers usually hate to see anyone die and feel like they failed if it happens means this is a particularly stressful time for them. Triage is not enjoyable. Letting a dps die because you cannot spare a single global cooldown is a pretty terrible feeling.

You should get back to work Latus

Damn that’s right.  I wanted to talk about some of the heroics I’ve done in guild runs and with pugs but realized it required this fairly lengthy introduction.  The good news is that things are only going to improve! Gear will get better, fights become familiar, and it will all mesh into a decent experience.

What you can do right now, though, whether you’re in regulars or heroics at the Cataclysm level, is get used to it all.

-if you have any survival abilities, use them often.

-if you are a dps that can heal, don’t be above helping heal when things get hectic.  Dps really doesn’t matter unless you win the fight.

-use crowd control. Even if you think you can take the whole group.  Practicing it will only make you and everyone else be comfortable with it on the tougher pulls. And your healers will love you for making it easier on them!

-explain the marks on the mobs.  Every person who marks wont necessarily use the same approach.

-don’t be a tarddeathknight and plop dnd on cc’d targets.

-practice practice practice. You wont get better and more comfortable by waiting.


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