I present this list

Another sleepless night, another level gained.  Almost. Kinda.  I am now at 84.78, so within a couple hours at most from 85.

I did learn a few things yesterday though!

1.  you need an average item level of 305 to do the higher dungeons : lost city, halls of origination, grim batol.  Those three drop ilvl 333 items and the average ilvl required to run Heroic dungeons is 329.  Crazy how that works.

2.  Pretty much every faction you encounter has a quartermaster with one or two pieces of i333 or higher gear. Hyjal has a cloak and something else, for example. The Egyptian cat people have a ring of epic quality unless my sleep deprived memory is mistaken. This is a great way to fill the gaps in any unreplaced gear.

3.  Gearscore is now built into your character window.  Just hit “c” and look under your stats… One of the things is average level or item level. Voila.  Also if you try to queue for a specific dungeon, it will tell you who doesn’t have enough ilvl (if that is the case).

4.  The system is naturally flawed and stupid.  It counts any soulbound gear that you can equip towards your average, whether it is on you or in your bags.  This means that if something drops that is only an upgrade in ilvl but not in stats, and nobody needs it as an actual upgrade ( no ninja kthx ), take it and keep it in your bags. It’ll count towards your average.  For example, I have a 318 cloak with haste equipped but I have a useless 333 crit cloak in my bag and the stupid system considers my “back” slot to have an i333 in it.  For all I care, the cloak in my bags could have strength and agility on it, it is only there for its ilevel.  Now, if anyone takes this info and starts needing items away from people who really need them ( dk rolling on high level spell plate ), you are just an asswad.

5.  Uldum is a mindblowing experience. The Harrison Jones quests feel like an e-movie.

6.  The crucible of conquest (? Not sure … The coc thing) is retarded, people are retarded.

7.  People generally want to cooperate to accomplish things faster instead of competing, but only as long as they are certain of benefiting from the cooperation. Case in point, the crucible. It is the standard arena fun quest. Start quest, kill boss, turn quest in, get next quest, next boss, turn in, etc. My guild group arrived with three extra non grouped dps to help it go quickly.  An alliance group had just started the first fight.  We instantly started helping them kill it quicker.  The boss died and before we know it the flagged alliance rogue who wasn’t part of the other group started the quest and vanished, wasting everyone’s time.  Then he did it again. We killed him. None of the other alliance helped him.  Then we started ours and the allies helped us burn it. Both groups alternated and it was going very quickly until a third group showed up and initiated their own quest.  Both those groups became terrified that everyone was trying to ninja start their own quests and started competing so ferociously that they managed to bug the whole thing out and two or three bosses would spawn at once while all quests would fail.  And there was no more dps help either. In light of this, we left for a random dungeon and waited until later to finish our event, but the observation stands: cooperation is ideal and works until panic sets in due to more people showing up.

8. Heroic dungeons will be massive wipefests for a long time.   I don’t think pugging will be a smart option until the next tier at least.  There are a lot of trash pulls where mobs feed off each other and where a lack of timely interrupts will cause someone to die before the healer can blink.  On the plus side, most mobs are cc’able and we do have a glyph that makes our fear also root in place, so no worries about warlock cc.  Our succubus is also effective, lots of humanoid mobs, so it isn’t a bad idea to have her out when needed despite normally using other pets (demo and retro locks).

9. Uldum. Awesome.


I think that’s all.  One thing to point out is that most of my latest posts are made via my phone, and the auto complete is weird, especially with words from wow.  I do apologize for bad spelling because of this, or for the occasional nonsensical word that I don’t catch when skimming over the post before publishing.

Also, I logged off for 15 minutes at one point of the evening. You know who visited uldum in that time? Deathwing. Burninated everyone. RAAAAAAAAAAAGE


2 Responses to “I present this list”

  1. 1 Pedro Castro December 11, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    Hi there!

    Just wanted to say that I really liked 7th comment, it is really true!

    Just wanted to add to your 2nd point that EJ has a great post about pre-raid gear.
    Great for everyone to read!
    Keep up the cool posts! 🙂

  2. 2 Mudo December 11, 2010 at 7:03 pm

    Whoever came up with the Schnattz name for the bad guys in Uldum is a genius and needs a promotion.

    I love that zone, I’m just sad I finished all the quests.

    I ran into a bit of the same problem with CoC last night. Though it was two Horde groups, some people are just impatient.

    Thankfully I’d done the quest 2 days earlier when no one was around but the 2 other group mates and me. Also trying to dualbox heal and tank the Worgen boss is hard!

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