Where is the entrance to the Stonecore??!

I swear I wasted half an hour on
this. Explored every possible alcove, nook and cranny inside the temple of earth to no avail.  I saw the trolls on general chat pointing people “two thirds of the way west” and tried it by flying really far to the left side of the map but nothing.  They also said its about half way up. Ok, I got out of the temple and flew up and down a few times but saw no entrance. I did find that you could sit in the air at the very too though, in what looks like fiery heaven.


The Stonecore is indeed at the temple of earth.  It’s up in the air, about halfway, on the outside, west. 

For the cardinaldirectionally challenged that means you mount up on the stairs, fly up a little bit, face the temple and fly around it to the left. Make an L with your hands if you must to be certain!

There is a platform and a summon stone there.  Hard to miss.  Unless you’re me.


The loot being given out as rewards in Deepholm is arguably better than my 277 pieces when compared individually, even with enchants and gems, however I will wait for the next zone to start replacing anything so that there won’t be anything arguable about it.

If you are in any gear 264 or below, you should probably be changing your Wrath purples to Cata greens and blues with no delay once you’re in Deepholm.  I mean, no doubt about it at that point despite any set bonuses.

83.18, fighting hard to get 84 tonight and hopefully 85 by Saturday.

Auction house post still coming up once I stop giggling at how much gold I’ve made from a few hours of play.  500g per stack of cloth? Yes please and thanks!


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