It’s a little bit funny

… This feeling inside…

The warcraft lore is absolutely amazing. I get emotionally attached to quest lines because of it.  I always read the quests, explore all zones thoroughly and not for the achievement, and listen to all the dialogues. I read all books, parchment, notes … Etc.  I just really really like the warcraft universe.

Unfortunately, I am purposely not reading anything I don’t absolutely have to on my road to level 85.  I run away whenever dialogue begins! Long discussions with NPCs find me saying bye and moving on!

Why? What happened? 

Latus must simply rush to 85 to be raid ready asap.  I need to be at level cap, to have raid-worthy gear (whether green blue or purple), and most of all I need to be comfortable at that point: a raid won’t be the time to realize my fel flame keybind isn’t actually convenient while running and it won’t be the time to think really hard about my rotation.  Those things and more will have to be second nature by then if I want to perform at the level I (and my guildies) expect.

Power levelling is kinda fun actually.  Click click look at map fly to question mark kill gather talk fly back repeat.  The speed at which everything progresses is astounding.  Had it not been a twelve hour work day on the seventh of December I  am sure I could have challenged for realm first warlock.  As it is, I’m only 82.40.

And I’ve cheated, too! I’m sorry guild!  I couldn’t help myself!  I spent over an hour flying around digging up artifacts! And I loved it!

And I delay clicking on accept for a second or two while my eyes desperately scan all the quest text.  At around 150 quests completed, that is almost five whole minutes wasted!

And I played on the auction house too! (in fact that is a separate upcoming post)

So I am sorry guild.  When you try to fill a ten man this weekend and are only missing one ranged dps… I will blame Blizzard and high login queues!

A plague on both your houses, Activision and login queues!  yeah I switched the blame to the parent company after all. I ❤ blizzard.  They make my drugs.

As a final note on this mildly nonsensical post, I am really anxious to do Hyjal on an alt and take my sweet time! There is so much lore, so many amazing characters from the distant past, so much awesome everywhere!

Tonight, Deepholm and on to level 83, MAYBE 84 If I ignore any things I should do around the house… And then Uldum! Really looking forward to all of it!

*snort line of warcraft*


2 Responses to “It’s a little bit funny”

  1. 1 red cow December 8, 2010 at 9:58 pm

    All I can say is….oh my god, a raid *this weekend*, oh my god.

    Then again I`m already way behind as most of my guildies are ~83 and doing dungeons and I`m fooling around in the old world.

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