On second thought

I do have coherent advice after all!

If you will be bursting in Hyjal the first quests you will get include some staff share gathering one.  They are found around the charred area with Geddon. They are small. They are being camped. It may feel a little like noblegarden.

Another quest will send you to speak to alysomething. But the question mark on the map will be the charred area and she wont be there.  Target her name manually and fly up and look around. She is a big dragon a bit further away.

The goblin or gnome that wants you to ride to Blackrock has the mole machine to take you there and back. Its in the bushes near him. Do this to unlock brd in your dungeon finder tool.

Two quest givers will appear to be underground with no cave entrance to reach them.  Once you see that, you are a quest completion away from being told to use a portal to get to them.

One of those quests will be to kill some kind of fire elemental. When those die, they leave their cores on the ground and you must loot them separately from the corpses.  Oh yeah, the quest to shatter those cores doesn’t show up on your world map so you just have to remember it is there.

Final thing I can remember is that unless you are in heroic 25 ICC gear you will probably be finding upgrades right away. Some especially amazing trinkets drop for both melee and spellcasters in brd.  Heck, our shadowmourne dk said the melee trinket is an upgrade for him with current stat scales.

That is that for now.  I will spend all day thinking of what to do, so happy gaming to those of you able to play right now, and happy procrastinating to those stuck at work until evening!


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