Last Day Cataclysm Preparations

Flasks? nope

Bandages? nope

Health pots? nope

Mana pots? I’m a WARLOCK, nope

Leveling plan? nope

Dailies done to turn in? lol nope


Latus! Have you done ANYTHING to prepare?

Why yes! I have a 46 Tauren Paladin whom I hope will be close to 50 before I go to bed tomorrow! Then I’ll park him until Latus is 85 and raiding. 😡 Woot!


p.s. once I realized I was not able to skip work to get realm first Warlock at 85, I decided against any big preparations for Cataclysm.  For me, the main part of the expansion is already playable.


3 Responses to “Last Day Cataclysm Preparations”

  1. 1 Saga December 6, 2010 at 10:56 am

    I can’t say that I’ve prepared much either (I of course blame me not having internet for 2,5 weeks rather than me being lazy *cough). I think I have a couple of health potions lying around in my bags since the last raid, and they’ll have to do 😛

    I’ve decided which zone I will go to first, but that’s about it for the leveling. Once I’m done in Hyjal I will decide where to go next.

    I did admittedly look at the gear I will want once I hit 85 to get myself raid ready – but that’s not so much for preparation as it is because I love drooling over loot 😛

    Oh, I did do 25 dailies yesterday but it was really only because two of my guildies were and I just sort of went along with it. If it hadn’t been for them I’d still be turning them in for the gold (not because I need it for Cata, but rather because I just love having gold..)

    • 2 latusthegoat December 6, 2010 at 1:23 pm

      Any reason for hyjal or just a coin toss?

      • 3 Saga December 6, 2010 at 5:21 pm

        Well, I already did a lot of Hyjal on Beta so I know most of the quests and it will be quicker. I might move on to the underwater zone after, but I haven’t decided. I did try a bit of it on Beta and while it’s not worse than Hyjal (despite water movement)I just like the general theme of Hyjal. ( And you get a pet from a quest, I love pets! 😛 )

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