Classes are in session again

Warlockery aside, I’ve been leveling a Tauren Paladin because I want one and it lets me see the new content without auto-walking through it and everything being dead.


Here is Equinok, in all his starting glory!  Yes, he’s named after Equinox, Defender of the Horde, which is only the greatest WoW story ever told.  If you don’t know Equinox, you probably just found yourself something to do until Cataclysm!  Also, in case you’re reading this Mr Gruffenstein, pleeeeeeease moar Equinox in Cataclysm!  At least let us know if he’s still alive!  I don’t know how he would ever survive the death of Cairne, but I suppose that’s what the stories would be for if they were ever told again!

Now that I’m back from my tangent, my Equinok has been rampaging through the lands and I’ve been taking massive amounts of screenshots.  I think I’m up to about 900 of them at level 40, and I’ve even taken the time to sort them by zone.  My screenshots folder has an Equinok subfolder which in turn has subfolders of every dungeon/zone/battleground he’s done and all the screenshots from there.  Most of them suck to be honest and I’m not sure why I took them when looking at them, but I like chronicling his progress in a more thorough way than I ever did for Latus or any other toon.  It’ll be fun to look back on things eventually.

The Zones So Far

Ignoring the fact that I would never do Azshara again as a Tauren, or, really, as any race except Goblin, the questing is brilliant.  People who join the game today are incredibly lucky to have this type of experience.  That being said, just like Western Plaguelands made me scream NO NO OH NO inside,  some moments in Azshara made me recoil and feel upset that I was doing it.  I’m not THAT big into roleplaying that I won’t do a quest to see the story or to get my zone questing achievements, but like I said, I won’t be doing this zone again unless on a Goblin.  Not even Orcs.  I wouldn’t be a crazy garrosh-lover as an Orc so, no fun here.

Stonetalon was unbelievable.  The way the whole zone was one big story that started in Ashenvale was really, really cool.  I mean, normally I’d have done Ashenvale but leveling just goes too fast so I end up skipping a zone every once in a while.  I did Mulgore – Azshara – (skip) – Stonetalon – Desolace – (skip) – Thousand Needles now.  But I still got the storyline to start in Ashenvale (which I really want to quest in, MUST ROLL MORE LOW LEVEL ALTS!! AHHH!).  The story culminates in a cutscene after you probably just went NO OH GOD NO NO NO DONT DO IT AHHHHHHH that doesn’t really leave you satisfied.  I will NOT like Garrosh for a long, long time.  Go to hell Cairne-Killer!  Azshara? a+, Stonetalon? A++.

Desolace?  Once again, storylines abound and are immersive.  You rarely feel like you’re just grinding.  The centaurs that were at each other’s throats before?  Still there, with one exception: The Kolkar are kinda almost wiped out but the Kolkar Khan asks for your help.  I won’t tell the story because firstly I suck at retelling stories that are easily discoverable and playable and secondly I wouldn’t want to spoil the story itself.

That being said, the Khan wants an alliance between the Centaur and I have to point out the /facepalm of it all.



No that’s not the facepalm, that’s just me on my Centaur mount.  Ok, so it’s a little facepalm too.  But yeah, the Khan tells you to convince another Khan to join him.  How does he want you to do that? By killing his whole family.  YES!  THAT MAKES PERFECT SENSE WHEN YOU WANT SOMEONE’S HELP!  And you know what happens when you try to convince the guy after killing all three of his sons?  He tells you WTF? YOU JUST KILLED MY WHOLE FAMILY AND YOU WANT MY HELP???

Crazy, I know.  Never saw it coming.


What’s this School In Session that you mentioned?

Scholomance! Is a low level dungeon! I knew but I didn’t really KNOW KNOW, you know? Right.

I saw as soon as I dinged 38 but the queue never popped until I turned 40.  Finally, Scholo!  The healer threw a hissy fit about how Blizzard totally just ruined his Vanilla experience by nerfing Scholomance, but he stuck with the group.  We took our million quests and went in.  There was a Warrior who seemed to know what he was doing, a Druid tank who was new but understood how to tank, the Shaman healer who was experienced, and a totally new Hunter who had no idea wtf was going on and who had a pet on aggressive.

The first two mobs died, you know the ones in front of the first door?  Yeah, they died nicely.  Healer complaining that it’s all going to be a joke.  We turn left on the stairs, we kill the first pack.  Then the tank charges in to the next pack more towards the room itself.  Within moments someone is feared, someone is knocked back, and you know exactly what is about to happen here:  yeah, the whole room slowly pulls.  The domino effect is inescapable and beautiful at the same time.  We die.

What normally happens when anybody dies in a dungeon these days is that at least one person quits the group and there is usually some insulting chat on /party.  Not this time.  The annoyed healer actually went “woah, ok, maybe it’s still old Scholo!”  and the tank asked how to pull that room.  We took it slowly, back inside the hallway until enough was cleared to go in.  The hunter left her pet on passive just in case it went nuts on her, she learned last pull.  And we cleared it.  It was challenging and fun.

Then we entered the hallway that opened into the room with the “i’ll pull EVERYTHING” mobs that don’t like their personal space invaded.  Dark Summoners.  They just stand there in one spot summoning skeletons over and over.  In the past, if anyone ran up to hit them they would run like Usain Bolt and another beautiful domino effect would cause every mob in the game to eventually run to kill you.  IN THE GAME. EVERY ONE. Yes.  Illidan would appear if you lived long enough.  And Sargeras too I think, but I never survived the fail-pull that long.

Turns out this is the one nerf to the instance and it is very very welcome.  You can charge/melee/interrupt the dark summoners now.

You also can just click the brazier to summon the gargoyle boss.  Who has about 35k health and hits like a truck.  So hard in fact that he will knock your ass straight out the gates that close and not let you back in the room.  This sucks if you’re the tank and watch him go around trying to kill everyone else.  Thankfully between the warrior and myself we had two decent dps spec tanks and we just taunted him back and forth.  Keep your back to the wall on this fight.

The hallway was equally difficult and we had to explain what Line of Sight was to the hunter but she was happy to learn, so no problem there.  We kept pulling packs back to the room we just cleared.  Dragons were easy, then we ran around the room with Rattlegore killing all the adds.  People didn’t pull extras, nobody aggroed the boss, nobody complained it was taking time.  We saw what happened in the first room when we tried to WotLK the instance: death.  Patience was happily provided.

A bit of a mistake was made with Jandice as we pulled her along with a trash pack, resulting in my eventual demise (holy crap Paladins pull threat on undead things) as well as the healer’s, but we took it in stride and the boss died somehow.  The healer and I then showed the others what the lever secret thing was and they were amazed.  Dungeons had tricks inside them outside of aoe’ing mobs down?  Holy crap WoW was amazing!

We couldn’t remember how to aggro Marduk and Vectus.  Everyone tried talking to him to no avail.  Finally warrior said “hey, come here everyone” so we stood in the middle of the room and like the genius that I am, I remembered you can just target the mobs and attack them without talking.  So I did.  I judged Marduk.  Which aggro’d every mob in the room. To me.  I went down quickly but the tank had time to pick them up thanks to my unknowing help in bringing them all in one neat pile for him.  I released, ran back and made it pretty much right on time to Lay on Hands the tank up from 200 health to full.  There were some aoe shadow bolting going on against us that was draining the healer.  But, success!  Then more line of sight pulls in Ras’ room, more success!  Rinse, repeat, all the rooms, finally the grandmaster who dropped his epic pattern, and we were done!


I would say if there was a WoW equivalent of swimming in a giant waterfall without dying, well… that would not really compare unfortunately.  I just wanted to link that video, sorry.

Scholo was very cool, however!  Just not THAT cool.  I mean, it’s a dungeon in the end.  I’m really happy Blizzard lowered the level to a place where nobody is decked out in Outland gear yet and actually wants to do this.  Unlike all the previous dungeons you can play up to that point, it actually will require you to be careful, let the tank hold threat, sometimes to LoS…

I really enjoyed it and so did the whole group, even though we were in there for a good two hours.

For all the complaints about how Cata will kick our ass, I guess Blizzard has it right.  Players WANT to adapt and they do so quickly unless they’re idiots (in which case, hello votekick!).  The tank had no idea where to go, the hunter had no idea wtf to do, nobody preached to them… we just pointed the way, explained when they asked, everyone got along fine and understood.  Filled me with hope for the 80-85 dungeons that I’ve been thinking I’ll skip while everyone is a noob and learning them.






Yay creepy!





4 Responses to “Classes are in session again”

  1. 1 Tania December 3, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    Man, when you are into something, you are *really* into it.

  2. 3 Tania December 3, 2010 at 7:00 pm

    I meant your pally, not Equinox. Equinox is love.

  3. 4 Mudo December 5, 2010 at 2:28 pm

    Glad to see you finally playing a real class Latus.

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