Much ado about nothing

Despite this only being the second year that Blizzard offers pets for sale for money, it seems like it has become a tradition to revile the practice among the haters of the internet.  Granted, there are lots of people who like the practice and even more who don’t give a hoot, but as always the loud hating minority is the one that is the most visible.

I was reading comments about this and one stuck out at me (I will quote it loosely because I didn’t bookmark the site and I forgot where it was):

This will visually separate the rich people in real life from the poor people in real life.


The RICH people who can afford 10$?

As another commenter retorted at the time, if 10$ is what separates you from abject poverty, perhaps it’s time to cancel your subscription and rethink how you spend your time.  Maybe less internet and more work!  I’m not saying that if you can’t afford a 10$ pet you’re a lazy slacker, far from it.  I’m just saying that no matter how well off you are (or aren’t), 10$ is not going to define your monetary social status.  If you can afford a computer, an internet connection, an online game and a subscription… well… you’re not poor… and to claim that this pet that is the equivalent of five coffees will define social classes is about as intelligent a piece of trolling as has come out in a while.


Another comment was along these lines:

Brilliant of Blizzard to pass this off as a charity with half the proceeds going to charitable organizations.  That way people justify it to themselves as doing something good for christmas instead of feeling guilty for wasting money.

Once again, this is ridiculous.  Why would I feel guilty for spending 10$ on anything?  I give homeless people more money.  I buy coffee.  I buy gum.  I spend money.  If 10$ is a make or break deal for me that I should feel guilty about, then I need to reconsider my current lifestyle and choices and probably get a second job instead of blogging about an online game.  Everyone who “feels guilty” about spending 10$ probably should re-evaluate their lives in a similar way.  If you –can’t- afford 10$ because you’re a highly organized person on a budget that knows exactly when/what/how/why your money is spent, that’s great, and you’re not at risk of this!  However, if you are such a person and you spend 10$ on this and then feel guilty…  is there NEVER room in your budget for frivolous expenses?  What about things you deem necessary but really aren’t?  I bring up coffee because it’s one of the things most people do end up buying at some point…  this really is a handful of cups of coffee. 

I got into an argument with a friend (no, not you) some time ago last year about this.  He claimed the 10$ WAS a lot for him and that he was poor.  I maintained he misunderstood and misused the word “poor”.  He was a guy with a car, his own place to live, full amenities, food in his fridge, a cell phone, a computer, paid utilities, paid high speed internet and cable TV, and a subscription to World of Warcraft and to a magazine that he liked.  But he said he couldn’t afford the 10$ because he was poor and if he did, he would need to spend 20$ to get both pets anyways.

He claimed, “I’m poor.”

I claimed, “You’re an idiot for thinking so.”

The jury is still out on that one, but he bought both pets and made it through the winter anyways!


And now I honestly don’t know where this blog post was going.


Oh!  Have some numbers!


The 2009 pet sale in which one of the pets gave half its profits to charity netted 1.1million dollars to said charity.  Well now, we can easily figure out how many pets were bought at most (assuming that 100% of the donation came from that panda monk ninja guy).

220,000 pets.

That’s 1.8% of 12 million subscribers.

That’s really not very many, is it, all things considered?  Maybe you’re still a unique snowflake, even with the pet.


p.s. no, really, I had something I meant to write about that I was building up to, but then a dungeon queue hit and I alt tabbed to play it… it was Violet Hold and we wiped on the orbs boss that you kite around… and then the tank said on /party that he didn’t know how to get back to the instance and I facepalmed while we waited about 2 minutes for him and the healer (who was soulstoned but went afk apparently) and I forgot what I meant to say. Tadah.  THE MIND OF LATUS!


p.p.s.  ❤ Cairne


3 Responses to “Much ado about nothing”

  1. 1 Tania December 1, 2010 at 9:31 pm

    That moonkin hatchling pet is really really tempting me. And it is definitely a matter of deciding whether I prefer to buy coffee before class every morning for a school week or buy the pet and get up 10 minutes earlier to make my own.

    It’s a tough decision because I love coffee and moonkins and sleeping in.

  2. 2 Saga December 2, 2010 at 10:46 am

    I can only agree. I’m usually pretty strapped for cash but $10 is really neither here nor there. Sure if I was to buy every pet in the shop I’d probably have a problem, but one pet.. really not an issue. I spend more on soft drinks in a month (I don’t drink coffee).

    That being said, I haven’t actually bought one. I keep looking at the one with an actual plushie to go with it, but that’s definitely more money and living in Europe I’m worried about paying an insane amount for shipping *lol*

    However, a friend of mine got me the moonkin hatchling yesterday (and I have told her I now love her forever) and it’s absolutely adorable. I love the fact that it dances with you when you do /dance. But that’s besides the point.. whatever the point was 😛

    • 3 latusthegoat December 2, 2010 at 11:11 am

      … it… dances… with you? :O gahhhhhh now I must buy one 😦

      I’ve bought the pandaren monk (used the charity excuse) and I got my sister the wyvern plushie toy with an in-game pet that we haven’t redeemed yet. 😡

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