You have 12 hours left to live

What do you do?

Being on Moon Guard, I have many options.  I could do the sensible thing and go have a 12 hour party in Goldshire.  That place is always filled with people who act as if the world really was ending any moment and they had to enjoy the last few precious moments with whomever stumbled into their personal space.


We did a panty raid on Goldshire recently, and I didn’t even go to see how many people were upstairs.  Here?  About 30-40 in total though some are hidden in the screenshot.  Most naked. Most level 1.

So that’s one way.


I could go and run around all the areas of the world that I know will be changing.  I could blast my speakers at full volume and enjoy the music… possibly for the last time.  They are changing it after all.  I just hope it remains as good.

babye1Poor Tauren Sad smile


I could go and farm the rare mounts that are going away.  Except I already did that on Latus and I refuse to do so on the other toons because it would really, really suck if a mount dropped for one of my alts.


My last time in Zul’Gurub


There is always the possibility of jumping on alts to complete quest lines that will disappear tomorrow.  Pamela Redpath remains my favorite of all.  That whole story, the song by Cranius, the zone, the … ahhh *CRY*


Yes! No more bad people! I promise, Pamela! Tomorrow they are finally truly gone!


Or of course I could visit old friends.  Heroes of the Horde.  I don’t know if their spirits will finally be laid to rest or if they will remain here, haunted by their past forever.  I make a point of saluting the Corporal whenever I pass by.  Could yesterday have been for the last time?




I’ve done a lot, I’ve had a good expansion, I’ve achieved almost everything.  In fact, I have a loosely scheduled heroic LK 10 group tonight that may get off the ground.  That would be a pretty crowning achievement right before the world blows up.  But if it doesn’t happen, I’ll be on my hunter, Iridi, farming up reputation to get a frostsaber mount.  Right before logging off for the night, I’ll jump on all my toons just for a last time in the old world that I’ve grown to love.  Finally, I will park Latus off the coast near Ratchet and await tomorrow with dread.  What will I see when I log back in?


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