A few days ago, an email appeared in my inbox from Crasby.  It contained many falsehoods and lies, like : “I read your blog” and “I’ve been following your blog”.  The audacity!  But the essence of the email was that Crasby is also a lifelong Fel practitioner and had recently decided to start his own blog, The Boston Warlock.  I’m not sure what city he’s from, but his blog is pretty nice.  It’s definitely much more professional looking than this one has/is/will ever be!  And he seems to have played in the Beta so he’s got much more pertinent information to your needs now.  I was awesome for 4.0, he seems to be awesome for 4.1!  In any case, definitely worth adding into your readers, he will hopefully stick around for long and his updates are guaranteed to be more regular than mine! Smile with tongue out


A short email exchange with Crasby got me thinking about blogging however, and I thought I’d go off on a tangent and speak about this one.


Underct’s Life

First post fired off December 11th, 2008.  It was just bitching at the way Warlocks went from top of the world in BC to absolutely worthless at Wrath launch time.  Around mid-December I questioned whether I cared to blog.  On January 22nd, 2009, I decided that I wasn’t going to aim for the stars with original blog posts but would just write about anything because, as I realized, “there is a high chance you’re looking for any new content in the WoW blog-world.”  Fulguralis posted a comment there saying it was good to see Warlock blogs.  I thought, hot damn, that’s cool, a real comment!

This went on for a few months, I had about 5-10 subscribers as a rough estimate that whole time.  Then around June 2009 I published a Guide to Mimiron 10man which seemed popular by my blog’s standards.  I had a record daily view of about 127 views if memory serves with one of those Mimiron posts.  It was the first month I saw more than 1000 total page views and it was nifty that something I wrote was apparently helping others!

November 11th, 2009, I published something about Raid Leading which was pretty well received.  I think I hit 200+ page views in one day and the post itself stands around 1500 views.  Again, by the standards of my blog up to that time, it was a resounding success.

Then around 2010 I joined a raiding guild and started being cutting edge.  I posted my Putricide Phase 3 Guide which was pretty much a world first.  No site, including tankspot, had actually explained it yet at this time.  I had spent time researching archived logs from Worldoflogs and tabulating the numbers myself to come up with this.  I’m sure guilds had figured it out by then (the ones that were successful… or maybe they were just lucky in the rotation they chose) , but none had revealed their secrets.  This strategy was employed and we downed Putricide that week.  It was a mindblowingly successful post that hit 3500+ page views within the month, with nearly 100 different guild forums linking to it.  I was very proud of having come up with something on my own there instead of rehashing what other sites had posted, and not strangely at all, readers appreciated it – old and new alike.  I had maybe 15 subscribers after that.  Total. Yes.  Aside from those posts, I was average 100 visits a day on a good day.

The WTF stage of Underct

Finally came 4.0 and my series of posts on the Destruction Warlock.  They skewed my stats completely, because I was one of the top 100 visited blogs on wordpress for two days running.  I had been mentioned in the same list and ranking as the lolcat blog.  From around 25,000 total page views in nearly a year and a half, I find myself at 107,146 views all-time as of this writing.  The 4.0 Destro Warlock guides have pages that have over 40,000 views themselves.  Many of you are actually only reading this post because of those guides.  They were featured left and right and once again, not a single thing in them was taken from other sites but was pieced together by yours truly.  I like that I came up with the same things as the theory crafters, just without the crafting!

Writing those posts taught me one thing:  people are stupid.  They will find a post which is titled “4.0 on the PTR” in which it will be repeatedly stated that this is a beta build, and in which it is repeatedly stated that XYZ does not work and that in a future post, once it does work, it will be added in. And what do they do?  They post a comment: “This is not good information it is different in –game.” No shit Sherlock! I made giant, red text links to the latest and newest post.  Further information to that post was written in the comments.

But hey, I guess it’s a bit of a natural selection.  Those who looked at a “beta build 12096” post and thought that was all the information they needed were probably fail players to begin with.  The ones who read all the posts, followed the links and read the comments are probably the ones topping the charts now or at least understanding their class.  Smart players will find good information.  Dumb players will just do whatever they find that seems easiest to do.


Why do I blog?

Good question!  Clearly I’m not someone who is inclined to carry a literary career down the remaining decades of my life.  I’m not BAD at it, I’m just not good.  I do enjoy to write, and I do enjoy WoW, and I do enjoy helping people enjoy WoW.  That, right there, is why I have this blog.

I’ve never gone out of my way to advertise it and so I’ve never put much stock into the page views I was getting.  Oh sure I paid attention to them all the time (until the 4.0 posts, now I barely look at the stats because they’re so obscenely high and weird with 1500+ page views every day but only 50 subscribers) and bragged left and right when high numbers showed up, but in the end I don’t really care if a hundred thousand people read this or if none do.  I enjoy doing it and it makes me happies.

In a way, I also feel as if I’m important in the blogging community because I’m one of 4, perhaps 5, Warlock bloggers who has been around for some time.  Now, as the opening of this post stated, we’ve hopefully just added one more to that list!


Latus, why do you write this post it sucks

Because what else do you want to hear about? WANT SOME SCREENSHOTS OF THE ELEMENTAL INVASION OF THE CITIES???  I bet you haven’t seen enough of those yet in every. single. blog. –grin-


Ciaos for now.


p.s. my guild went BOOM.  Then it slowly glued itself back together.  Maybe a post for another day.


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