First impressions

(Posting from phone, pardon the brevity.)

We didn’t raid ICC since too many things were broken, especially with UIs, but ten of us did Sarth3D and some Naxx bosses.

We were three mages, me, a rogue, a shadowmourne DK and a shadowmourne warrior as DPS.  This means bosses died in thirty seconds or so.  Hard to establish a full rotation in that time. 

-threat sucks. Mages and i pulled or were about to when boss died.  I waited five seconds. Soul shattered. Still made my way right up there.  The tank was a dk in best in slot gear.

-dps rocks.  The mages topped out at 24k dps, i was a steady 14k without Bane of Havoc.  Don’t worry, in a longer fight the mages drop down to similar numbers.

-short fights so hard to be sure but i have a sinking feeling that searing pain will spam will prove better than I anticipated.  I mean, with zero effort, SP was pulling the same numbers as a very focused full rotation. Tonight i will see in Icecrown with bosses that take a beating and don’t drop below eighty percent in five seconds… I couldn’t really use the haste buff proc from Improved Soul Fire. 

So threat is high, searing pain and dps is high, and the two might be at odds.  Again, i shall report after tonight’s real raid.

Loving things so far!


1 Response to “First impressions”

  1. 1 Talth October 14, 2010 at 8:23 pm

    Keep up the great posts. I am having trouble finding info for destro locks. Esp. at work. 😛

    I am enjoying the changes as well, my dps has topped off at 9300 which is 2k higher than pre-patch and I still am off on my rotation and I am using glyph of imp! >.< I am going to try these tips tonight!

    Thanks again!

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