Build 13131 – All Is Quiet on the Western Front

According to, the latest build is the one that will be shipped out to us whenever it hits… or at least it is very close to the final product.

Good.  Absolutely no news about Warlocks.


Couldn’t do it.  My client won’t download the latest build but when I load the game itself, it tells me to restart and let the client download the latest build.

See the problem?

I’ll keep trying.  I’d rather not post theorycrafting final versions of my upcoming destro rotation without testing it, but if I can’t get on the PTR before 4.0.1 hits live servers, just assume you’ll get a post based on live server testing in a raid setting.  Which you will regardless of whether I hit the PTR or not, actually…


Well, I always post when new things come out or when something exciting happens that all Warlocks should know!  Right now, not many changes, not much to report 😉

And instead of writing fancy purrrty stuff about the game, I’ve been working on a separate, non-game related blog.  By working I mean I made myself a banner for it.  Which I just reviewed before I linked it and decided looked far too much like a banner for this blog… in fact I’m considering changing it to this blog.  Ah, no matter!  Back to an old post I never wrote…


3 Responses to “Build 13131 – All Is Quiet on the Western Front”

  1. 1 Mark October 4, 2010 at 12:28 am

    I love your blog! Could you tell me, uhh – us – what addons you’re using on the PTR? My dot timer doesn’t work there, so I’m having to look for another, and thought you might be a good person to ask (but I’m curious about all your addons – not just your dot timer).

    Thank you! And thanks for your great blog!

    • 2 latusthegoat October 4, 2010 at 12:46 am

      woot 🙂 thanks.

      On the PTR, I’m only using OmniCC to have cooldowns on my action bars. I also go into Interface — Buffs and Debuffs and check “Buff Durations”, “Castable Debuffs” and “Castable Buffs” (just for good measure). That way I can eyeball it much more accurately than looking whether the icon is grayed out or not. I’ve tried a couple timers on the PTR and none worked, so.. 😦

      On live, I only use an outdated version of TellMeWhen.

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