4.0.1 – Destro Warlock Imp

Ok, I’m not sure how I got 6k dps from my imp in the previous post.  Maybe he was incredibly lucky with crits.  When I tried to fraps it, I could only get to 5k sustained dps. 😀

To compare that to live servers and 3.3, my imp does about 490 dps self buffed.

Now, here’s the video proof of 4.0.1 overpowered imps (yes this is ME!)

Now, to really see anything from the tiny Recount numbers, you need to select 1080p quality and full screen the thing. 😡  Buuuut, it proves that I’m not making up the PTR’s overpowered status.

Why Is Our Imp OP?

The talent Burning Embers puts a dot on the target that lasts 7 seconds, and it tics every second for 30% of the damage that caused it.  Fire bolt and Soul Fire cause this to proc on the target.

Now, what is happening is that every normal person would assume that every time such an attack lands, it simply modifies the existing Burning Embers dot to 30% of the latest attack, so for instance:

imp firebolt hits for 1000
–> burning ember placed on target
–> tics for 300 / sec for 7 seconds

That would make sense, right? And that’s what happens.

But then, 3 seconds later, your imp shoots another fire bolt.  What you expect to happen is the following:

imp firebolt hits for 1200
–> burning ember refreshed on target to full duration
–> tics for 400 / sec for   7 seconds.

That would be logical and normal, based on the talent definition.  However, THIS IS WHAT CURRENTLY HAPPENS ON THE PTR:

imp firebolt hits for 1200
–> burning ember refreshed to full duration
–> tics for 700 / sec for 7 seconds

What is happening is that the fire bolt refreshes the dot but the damage it does becomes cumulative.  30% of the first bolt + 30% of the next bolt + 30% of the next bolt etc, etc, etc until it hits a cap that is based on your spell power.  Mine sit at 4k / sec maximum until various abilities proc and then it goes up to 5.5k / sec.

Some Warlocks have been arguing on the PTR that this is intended, but it simply cannot be.  There’s no bloody way.  This is a 4k passive dot.  I know Blizzard stated they want demons to do roughly 30% of our damage, but 4-6k passive dps seems excessive at this point in time.

Arguments For Burning Ember Staying As Is

-I like it, it makes my epeen grow.

-Things might look differently at 85.

-It’s acknowledged that stuff will be severely overpowered/underpowered until Cataclysm hits because we’ve got the new abilities.

Arguments For Burning Ember Being OP and Nerfbat Inc.

-It’s just insane damage.  Most people cannot do 6k dps on their own, but my imp can.

-The two abilities that trigger Burning Ember do not mutually stack the damage.  If I cast a Soul Fire (which my imp procs as a free cast 4% of the time), Burning Ember is brought down to a dot that tics for 30% of the Soul Fire’s damage and ignores whatever it was tic’ing for previously.  Then my imp hits the target again and bam, damage starts being cumulative all over.  This unfortunately seems like that’s how it’s supposed to be, that every attack that triggers burning embers simply refreshes it and damage is recalculated from scratch.

What I Predict Will Happen

Burning Embers will stay as they are for Soul Fire, 30% of the damage tic’ing every second for 7 seconds, and the dot will only be refreshed to it’s full duration if a soul fire / fire bolt lands where 30% of ITS damage would be more than the current dot, otherwise it simply keeps ticking at the previous value.

Damage will not be cumulative in any way.

They might increase the damage coefficient from the imp’s fire bolt to, say, 50% of it’s damage otherwise the imp doesn’t do much once again, and he’s supposed to be doing 30% of my damage (according to Blizz’s philosophy of dps classes).

Whatever the case, enjoy the buggy version on the PTR and hope to whatever crazy deity or bitter atheistic values you hold dearest that this doesn’t get fixed and we have at least a couple nights of glory on the live realms!


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