Blogger’s Block

Hello.  My name is Eko.

I love Mr. Eko from Lost.  Really do.  Of course, I broke away from it around Season 3 I believe so I can’t tell you much about it, just that I love talking with his accent sometimes.

Anyways, Morgaina over at Tales of a Not Thor posts this tidbit:

I haven’t made a post since April. This is terrible and I’m sure the two to three people who read my blog are very upset with me! I just haven’t had any thoughts that I felt warranted a post. Mostly it’s been either wiping on the same boss or two for a couple of weeks in ICC or missing a couple of weeks for personal reasons and not really playing much outside of raid days.

I assume most people with blogs have them simply to write.  Some of them consider themselves writers and want careers out of it, others just like to write.  I’m the latter.  I write this blog because it gives me an outlet for some ideas, thoughts and really a place to jot things down pertaining to my addiction.  Looking at just the titles of my posts makes me zoom across the span of the last two years of my gaming career!

But you know the #1 main reason I started blogging?

I was bored out of my mind at work.

Looking around the blogosphere, this is apparently the #1 reason many, many, many blogs get started. Woot at cyberprocrastination!

Back to Morgaina, now that she has a job where she is sometimes bored out of her mind in front of a computer, blogging can become a hobby that will alleviate much of the boredom that comes with it.  And since she is addicted as well to the game, WoW blogging becomes a strong possibility.

Out of ideas you say?  Not sure what to write about since you only do the same few things day in day out?  Well look no further than

The forums themselves are a somewhat interesting read for those who are into writing in general, with some decent starter guides and tips.  But the real selling point are the “shared topics”.  Go there, look up the current topic of the week, write a post about it, link to it in the thread (or don’t, up to you).  That whole project is tailored to people just like you who may have writer’s block and/or simply not know what they could ever put down on paper.  You don’t have to do it every week, you don’t ever have to do it (I haven’t, for instance, yet).  But when you’re sitting at your desk, staring into the void and you’ve read ALL of the internet twice, having a topic to write about suddenly becomes a good solution.


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