Disgracing The Basin

Oftentimes I find myself talking about current things I do in Azeroth yet rarely do I visit the days when I was starting out.  One of those moments of “omg this is such an awesome game” was when I was questing in Arathi Highlands and Gishin (I can’t be sure if the 80 Paladin on us armory is him as he transferred around level 50), the friend who got me playing, asked if I wanted to try this fancy weird battleground thing as he saw the portal to it behind Hammerfall.  Sure, I remember saying, but I really don’t know what it is or how to do it.  So we grouped up, he queued us up and off we went.

Prior to this I did not really understand what pvp was.  I had a different gaming background and pvp seemed like something you only did in organized roleplayed events (one major city raiding another city, for instance) or to grief people.  The lessons I had learned up until level 40 on Latus had not yet morphed my understanding of pvp as simply another facet of the game.  Now, I understand that there is no need to think of griefing or organized play when it comes to a bit of pvp here and there around the world, or when it comes to the bigger picture of battlegrounds or arenas.  Back then, however, I had this day of 7 player kills in Stranglethorn Valley to brag about as my biggest and most glorious encounter.  I thought I was the cat’s meow that day!


Mind you, I’m still against jumping people today and definitely was back then.  I was jumped by every single one of my “kills” that day.  Once, famously, by 2 people while I had my demon whore out and she showed me what cc meant because she had seduce toggled on auto.  It was glorious.  I have it written down for posterity somewhere… If I ever find the site I used to fake-blog on (2 web pages before blogs were popular) I should link to it for giggles.

Nonetheless, that was my pvp experience.  The total 40 kills were mostly defending a city or accidental while in a group.

So in we went to an Arathi Basin that day and we stayed there a long time.  I loved it since the first moment I set foot in it, from the first horn I heard to announce a flag cap.  I was a level 40 and nobody really complained, unlike later.  I did quickly notice that I was useless against the level 49s and set out to the higher part of the bracket.  I –was- a warlock with fear, though, and that allowed me to still be pretty useful in defending flags.  I would set up shop on my felsteed at the Blacksmith and I would pretend I’m Napoleon, directing my 15 man army by announcing where threats were headed and which nodes needed what.


You see that?  131 kills since that first Arathi Basin foray, and I have a fancy Whitemane’s Chapeau.

By the time I was 44+, I was running all the dungeons I could, getting phat blue loot like Bad Mojo Mask and learning to be more useful in Arathi Basin.  I lived for the Basin those days.  You know how tough that We Had It All Along *cough* achievement is?  Well piss on that, I should have gotten it back in the old AB days:  (clicky, obviously, to see the score)

I did a ton of defending in those days because most people wouldn’t.  Simple enough.  And between my pets and my fear and howl of terror, I was a force to be reckoned with on defense against any party that could be spared from the rest of the action.  This is why I usually had a high killing blows – death ratio but was far below the rest of the raid on honorable kills!  I was one of those who had all the AB pieces of gear… at every bracket.  These, these and these! Although the last ones were replaced by outland greens.

Finally, last night, after years of battlegrounds on and off… clearly raiding cuts into the battleground time, and some patches make the experience entirely unpleasant for some classes… I got some form of recognition:

Here I am in the act of defending a flag:


Here is the result:


And here is the natural congratulatory note from the shadow priest who was in no way near the flag when I started capping it:


I’m still 1800 reputation away from exalted with the Defilers, but I’m very reluctant to get it.  As for some people killing the last boss of an expansion is a bit like “game over”, for me getting this reputation level would be agonizingly close to the feeling of “game over”.  If going into Arathi Basin would no longer have any justifiable reward of any form, would I still enjoy it?  Hmm…

Maybe I’ll work on master of WSG first!


p.s. SQUEEEEEEEEE! *hug achievement*


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