Underct against realID

For the record, I am entirely against the forums switching to real names.

That is all.

I doubt I’ll be making a big post about it at any point since so many others have valiantly taken up the crusade.  All I will say is that Blizzard is on drugs if they think this is a change for the better.  No self respecting individual with a decent employment will want their real name associated with an online computer game.  Thus, no posts by any self respecting individual.  Or in fact by anyone who doesn’t want to be linked… like myself, I’m not very self respecting but I aim to be an elementary school teacher.  My chances of employment would be nill if a basic google search showed me regularly engaging in activities that school children partake in.  “Why yes I play WoW and if my students search my name they can find where I play and contact me!  Can I get a job?”

My sister is a professor at university.  Do you think she wants a student asking in the middle of class, “so miss why do you play a tauren warrior and how many bosses have you downed in ICC?”

Lawyers? Doctors? Just about anyone who doesn’t want their real name linked to their gaming?

Exes? Current relationships?  Women in general?

Activision Blizzard, you’ve gone insane with this change.  I love WoW, I love what you do with the game, but this kind of meddling with my affairs OUTSIDE of the game is uncalled for and very unpleasant.  You cannot change your privacy rules on me after I’ve been a paying customer for 4 years and not give me a choice about what to do.  I won’t say “I will quit if this change goes through” but I will think it.  Not only for myself, but for everyone you will have blocked from playing due to their real lives.

Fail, fail, fail.

It really comes off, to me, as the most privileged, comfortable, upper-middle-class male thing they could do to the game.

-Kivuli (Kirin Tor)


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