Halion for Warlocks


When I posted my Onyxia for Warlocks article, it was important to share some basic info as to the adds/whelps/positioning that could be approached universally by almost all groups.

Halion presents a totally different scenario.  There is no universally accepted positioning (yet) and there is no universally important message for Warlocks to take.  Allow me to break it down for you.

Halion is a Dragon.
Dragons cleave and tailswipe. –> don’t stand in front or behind Halion.
Fire and laser beams hurt. –> don’t stand in fire or laser beams.
Combine the two.
Click on some portals.
Collect Phat Loot.
Realize Latus lied and this fight is hard.
Go to underct.com
Bitch at Latus in comments.
Wipe for 3 hours.
MAYBE collect phat loot.

Phase 1

Halion will ask you nicely to spread out around him.  The Ancient Codex of the Dragon does remind us not to stand in front or behind any of them, as they like to breathe and tailswipe.  So don’t.  Honestly if you’re considering this fight I really hope the last couple sentences are entirely superfluous to your raiding.  If they’re not you need to start thinking about why you’re in this game in the first place.

You’re a Warlock so you’re useless in all ways other than dps.  Dps your heart out.  Occasionally someone will get a debuff.  It will be cleansed by someone other than you because you’re incapable of doing it.  Depending how quickly it was cleansed, it will drop a type of firevoid zone.  Don’t stand in it.  Fire will spread.  Don’t stand in it.

The phase will end at 75% and Halion will vanish into a portal.  This is a good time to lifetap as you run towards it and click it to enter Halion’s shadow realm.

Phase 2

This is the same as phase 1 except with shadow damage and void zones, minus the fires spreading.  Fires have been replaced by a periodic ability that will shoot a laser from one orb in the room to another, straight line cutting the room in half, and rotate.  Don’t get hit by the laser.


That laser will only be up for a short amount of time.  10 seconds every 20 seconds.  During that 10 seconds of laser, you don’t give a crap about your dps, you just run and keep ahead of it (or behind it) and avoid the front/back of the dragon.  It’s really not as easy as it sounds because you don’t know how quickly the dragon will be turned by your tank.  So you have to pay attention.  You have one job and one job only during lasers: SURVIVE.

Here, I animated a gif for you to see this laser in action.  It moves relatively slowly so you don’t have to go OMFG LASER /DIE.  But you still have to book it because laser + rotating dragon is not fun.  In any case, ignore the lack of a perfect circle that makes it look weird, you get the point of what’s going on…


Click me if I'm not cool and spinning!

Often you will hit heroism/bloodlust in this phase.  Don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking that means anything but what I said in the previous paragraph.  30% haste or not, you ignore everything but survival until you get very good at it during lasers.  Then you can start throwing damage onto the lovable purple dragon again.

At 50%, the phase ends and two portals spawn (I believe, or I may have been hallucinating).  As range, you will be taking a portal out.  Unless your raid leader is an idiot, then quit the raid.

Phase 2 Transition to Phase 3

Ok so there is a portal on the outside edge of the room.   Here are some things to remember:

  • Remember that there is a dragon in your current room who hates people in front of him and behind him.
  • Remember there are void zones.
  • Remember there is potentially a giant laser of death.
  • Remember that there is a dragon on the other side of the portal who also hates people in front of him and behind him.
  • Remember that a tank has to take the portal to be able to tank the dragon you will be killing.
  • Remember that healers are stressed during the transition.
  • Drain life if you’re low on health once you take the portal.  Pop some healthstones, health flasks, bandage yourself.  Help your healers settle into the last round of the fight.

Phase 3

Assuming you survived the transition, you now DPS and stay alive.  Do your best to stay on the outside edge of the room (as much as possible) because any void zones you drop from your fire debuff will show up on the other side of the portal as a shadow void zone.  And remember the other side is still fighting and dodging breath/cleave/tailswipe/laser beams.

The fun little trick here is that you have to damage the dragon simultaneously in the physical world and in the shadow world.  If one side gets ahead of the other, he will start dealing and taking more damage in that side.  If this continues, he will end up instashotting the tank, wiping that entire room, and then start healing because there’s nobody to damage him.

What you ahve to pay attention is his corporeality.  Essentially what I just said there, you want to damage him around the same time in both the physical and shadow realms.  Mouse over this buff and make sure that you don’t see any numbers.  If you see that he’s “reduced” in any way, that means ease up on your damage.  If you see that it’s “increased” in any way, step it up and pew pew harder.

That’s your job.  And stay alive.  Don’t lifetap at a time when corporeality is making your side deal more damage.  Drain life if you’re low and healers aren’t responding.

Extra notes

As with every boss encounter, it is very simple in theory and on paper.  In practice, there are a ton of things that can go wrong here.  Don’t be discouraged by wipes, just keep going at it.

Is this puggable? Not at this time in the true sense of the word.  People need to abuse the 25 and 30% buffs in ICC and get even further in and get more gear before this becomes Onyxia joke material.  However, as more and more guilds complete this run, those peoples’ alts will start looking for pugs to do it.  If you’re smart and not made of fail, you will watch for those and attach yourself to them.

This is not a fight you want to approach without people who are capable of staying out of the fire because the fire comes TO THEM.

Pew pew, lifetap when it makes sense, and there’s really no special Warlock trick to watch out for.

But Latus, What About Demonic Portal???

Not the most useful thing here but always has a use.  I wouldn’t use it much in the shadow realm because it might give you a false sense of security when really it’s sometimes difficult to imagine what situation you will teleport into.  In the fire realm, however, I plop it down about 15 yards from where I’m planning to stand.  That way, if fire comes my way or if I spawn a firevoid zone, I have a very quick way out.

That’s all.

Good luck.


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