(mobile post) of tickets and columns

First of all the auto complete on my phone sucks. Punctuation is also very counter intuitive. Oh yeah this is a phone post. I’m struggling:-):) see? The smileys were my attempt at an exclamation mark.

And here is testing the line return option. I wonder. . .

Ok so that looks ok on the phone. Anyways. I may possibly be going to Blizzcon after all. I have a ticket but so far it’s only a hundred fifty dollar investment. Hotel plus flight plus expenses is going to run up near the thousand at least. I can just accept the ticket as a small loss if i decide i don’t want to multiply the cost by ten. Actually it all depends whether i manage to find at least one more ticket. Yes and i fly there for sure. No and i’m uncertain.

Wow.com is looking for a lock columnist. I’m considering applying. I’m not an awesome writer by any stretch but i like to think i’m acceptable. Likewise i don’t play much with theory crafting but i do know my class inside and out. They ask for at least one post a week. Hmmm..


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