Refreshing fails.

No, sorry, not new and exciting ways to fail.  Quite literally my ability to refresh the blizzcon ticket sales page before 13,000 other people has failed me both times tickets were released.

I planned to buy 2 tickets and maybe a 3rd one, depending who confirmed and wanted to go (my sister would love to go but with her being a professor and it being the school year, we couldn’t know until later) and I know Morg is at least on the west side of the country so it’s not that horribly far to catch a flight from Victoria towards Anaheim.

Alas, none of that!

Some guildies of mine did get tickets, and one may possibly have gotten an extra one that I could buy.

Oh decisions decisions, do I take the guildies up on the offer and go by myself?  It’s not the “by myself” that’s a concern, I find tremendous ways to amuse myself.  It’s more “do I go at all” that I have to think through now.

Pros: Blizzcon, WoW, Blizzard, Warcraft, Anaheim.  Blizzcon. Other WoW bloggers/players/guildies/addicts. Blizzcon.  Fulfilling my promise of winning the dance contest.

Cons: Money. Possibly my own school schedule if I go back to school for a year in September.

Money isn’t really an issue.  I’ll wait to see if I can buy that ticket and go from there.


1 Response to “Refreshing fails.”

  1. 1 Tania June 7, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    Dance contest! Show them how it’s done!

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