I spy with my little eye… something red…ish…y

A long time ago on a website far, far away… [Flame Cap]

Episode IV
A Renewed Hope


As is usually the case (except for my oh so cool Putricide mutated plague guide that I actually “researched” through game combat logs and lots of ability links), I did not come up with this but saw it somewhere and then forgot about it.  But my mind, duude, my mind… it stored that information and one day when I was in the auction hall, it reminded me SHUT OFF THE WATER IN THE BATHTUB IT’S ABOUT TO OVERFLOW. So I did.  And while I was running back from my soon-to-be decadent bath, I inexplicably remembered about Flame Caps.

For those of you who were too lazy to actually click the Flame Cap link above, it increases fire spell damage by 80 for 1 minute with a 3 minute cooldown.

Once again, it’s +80 firespell power for 60 seconds. 


And when the cooldown is up, you can eat another one.


-it shares cooldown with health stones.
-that means it probably shares cooldowns with mana gems… stones… whatever mages use.

That’s it.  If you know you won’t need to save your ass with a health stone, pop one of these and nuke away happily. I used 3 of them on a particularly long 10man Putricide fight.  I typically use 1 or 2.  They don’t have that stupid “1 pot a fight” thing coded in because they’re awesome like that.

So what’s the catch?

Try to find them.

They’re a rare spawn off some other herbs in a few Outland zones.  I occasionally find 1-5 of them on the AH as someone levels through those zones.  I pay an arm and a leg for them.  Anywhere from 10s / piece to 10g / piece.  More, I say no thanks but then I cave in and buy them anyways.

What do you suggest?

Dust off your herbalist and go farm them yourself.  Seriously, just… take a day off work and fly around from 9-5 and harvest, harvest, harvest.  If you don’t have a herbalist, make one!


Make a DK, again, if you don’t have one yet or if it’s some dinky level 62 that you haven’t played since Wrath launched.  If you have a serious DK, screw this idea and use one of your other toons.  It’s probably not worth it to level from 0-60ish, but it sure is worth it to put an hour’s work into a new DK and then find yourself completely screwed because you have to go from 0-300ish herbalism.

That’s what happened to me.  I rolled my DK and thought I was clever.  It’s not that I didn’t know I’d have to level my plant picking, it’s that I conveniently ignored that part until I finished the DK quests and went “hmm, crap!”

Nonetheless, what this will allow you to do is have one hell of a fun time if you’re in these quasi-pre-expansion blues like most players are.  Again, I’m projecting onto everyone that you’re all like me and don’t have deathknights that you played past the intro before.  If you have, begone with you!

First, I made a “hot” toon.  This is really a first.  My other toons are sexy in some cases, but they’re not belves, therefore not hot.  Check my unique, original snowflake called Panolviel:


Panolviel actually means “bean grower” in Elvish.  Herbalist, Bean Grower… same thing right?

So first of all, wow, I specced unholy and am actually really enjoying the DK experience for once.  Maybe it’s because I’ve played some melee classes since Wrath came out, or maybe it’s because … no, it has to be the reason.  In any case, I kill anything my level in about 4 hits.  It’s insane.  I leveled from 58-60 in AV and in Corin’s Crossing, where I had a total blast obliterating my former Scourge buddies.  No more Scourge Power for me!  Down with the Scourge!

And ah yes, delightful herbalism, where shall we begin.

I know! In Tirisfal Glades.  BAM, exploration achievement.

On to Silverpine Forest, BAM, exploration achievement.


And while I’m having fun with this pseudo-character-progression of hers through the early zones, I find that I usually max out that level’s herbalism by the time I explore the whole thing.  It’s oddly entertaining.  I just ride around with my ghoul buddy, explore and harvest plants.  I’m at 175 now and going strong in Arathi Highlands.  I mean, you can quite easily see what I’ve done with Bean Grower just by reading the achievements on armory:



As I said, I’m now in Arathi, having a blast, gathering herbs by the truckload.  My bank alt is swamped with stacks of herbs.  I don’t know if it’ll make sense to sell them or to get my DK into Alchemy or Inscription perhaps.  Hmmm.

Oh, yeah, and at some point I’ll even remember to harvest my own Flame Cap!


This post brought to you by Latus’ mind as he tries to cope with extreme interest and extreme disinterest in WoW at the same time.  From wanting a specific plant, he’s now enjoying playing a DK on his off time.  And that’s only one of the many side projects he’s got going.  Main alt is still something else, secondary alt is a completely other toon, the old twink warrior now reaching level 60, and this DK is a…  herbalist gone wrong, let’s say.




4 Responses to “I spy with my little eye… something red…ish…y”

  1. 1 Shayzani June 3, 2010 at 12:30 am

    Actually they unlinked mana gems and healthstones from the same shared cooldown so I’m fairly certain fire mages can use both their gem and their flame caps without issue.

    I used to have a huge stockpile of these back when my casters were specced for fiery stuff but I’ve since specced Affliction on Rajh and Arcane on Adrina so… OH HEY MAYBE I CAN GIVE YOU SOME.

    …I should probably check I have any left before getting your hopes up.

    • 2 latusthegoat June 3, 2010 at 1:31 am

      PLZ TO GIEF! Even if I’m breaking 210 herbalism!

      Also, any idea why none of my comments on any wordpress hosted blogs have been going through for a good month? Hmmm…

      • 3 Shayzani June 3, 2010 at 2:46 am

        Oh! Yeah, I think as I was emptying my spam queue I saw a comment of yours that was flagged as spam incorrectly. I couldn’t stop the deletion process in time though. Go ahead and leave a comment on any post and I’ll go and make sure its flagged properly.

  2. 4 rare spawns September 30, 2010 at 9:37 pm

    I never stop to leave comments on peoples sites but I just felt I had to stop and tell you that I love your site. Love your design and I love reading your posts. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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