How I (may have) whined and gotten loot

Right off the bat, this is pure guesswork on my part and I’m not implying my officers can’t judge my (or anyone’s) characters.  In fact, maybe I got this piece because I’m super awesome and they thought I deserved it most.  Or because I haven’t gotten any new loot in about a month while most others have. 

There wouldn’t be much point to a blog post if that was all there was to it, though, would there? 😛

BIS For Everyone!

So, there we are a week ago, at  Valithria 25, Heroic.  She drops Frostbinder’s Shredded Cape.  We have never seen this drop before.  All casters and all healers roll for it.  Our guild runs a loot council and after a very long deliberation period, a Holy Paladin gets it because he was replacing an ilvl 219 item.  Doesn’t seem right to me nor most of the other casters.  In fact, he could’ve farmed multiple upgrades to his cloak but instead he was lazy and waited for an ICC upgrade to drop.  A quick glance at shows the Frost Emblem cape to be better ranked for holy pallies than this one, while it is the clear best in slot cloak for every single magic caster in the raid.

After we called it a night, many of us SAID they would bring this up to the officers but I think I was the only one who did.  I didn’t complain that I didn’t get it, I simply pointed out the maxdps numbers in a very politely worded whisper about the cloak and bis and blah blah blah.  Turns out maxdps (shocker!) isn’t very accurate with holy paladins and that cloak is also bis for them.  Great, I said I was aware the numbers could be wrong and I just wanted to bring it to their attention, nothing more, and in fact since the numbers did prove to be wrong, I was now fine with the decision. 

Arthas Vanity Items

Around this same time, we were posting which items we really wanted off the Arthas box of goodies and our Paladin (one of the officers) was going to decide if and who they would go to.  Everyone wanted the mount, not surprisingly, and I had been the only one talking about Sylvanas’ Music Box since the quest was datamined.  I of course had posted that I wanted this item and nothing else.  Out of nowhere (to me at least), one of the long time rogues in the guild posted a big speech about why the music box means a lot to him and that he wants it.  So essentially it was him and myself who wanted that item. 

Edge of Your Seat Suspense! What Happens Next!

So, here we are this week, at Saurfang 25, Heroic.  We paused after the fight and the Arthas goodie bag decisions are announced and the items given out.  Not surprisingly, to me at least, the long time guild member rogue gets the music box.  I have nothing to complain about, I’ve only been a guildy for 4 months, he’s been there since forever and a day, with this specific officer.  It seemed natural and normal that he would get such a precious gift.  Really no hard feelings or anger.  Sadness, yes, because damn that’s something I want… but that’s all. 

And there we are again, at Valithria, and the cloak drops again.  All the casters roll for it again, naturally, and I get the piece.


I got a cool cloak, bitches!


No, really, that’s mostly my point, I’m happy I have this item 😛

Buuut, there is a small part of me that wonders whether “bringing it up” (seen as complaining by most of the world) at last week’s loot decisions and being the one not to get a vanity item had much to do with the decision to give me the cloak out of mild fear that yet another raider might be angry and quit.  That’s all.  Because I like to be cynical.

For the record, no, I wouldn’t be angry nor upset, and in fact was surprised to get the cloak.  I figured I would be about 5th or 6th in line to get it.  Even if I didn’t at 6th or later, so what? They’re just pixels when taken in the context of constant raiding and working on heroic modes.  This guild has given me much and it would take much to make me turn my back on it.  Even if I miraculously did not want to raid anymore, I’d still do it for another month or two just to thank them until a replacement was found.

Now, when the Baron’s Deathcharger drops… MINE!


1 Response to “How I (may have) whined and gotten loot”

  1. 1 Anthony May 21, 2010 at 8:23 am

    I’m not sure that the 9 extra intellect on that cloak makes it better than the heroic Heartsick Mender’s Cape from 10 man Blood Princes, which has haste and MP5 (the best combination for Holy Paladins). And, while the 264 emblem of frost cloak is the very worst combination of stats, it’s going to be considerably better than a 219 cloak.

    If the item level of his previous cloak WAS a factor, I’d say it was a poor decision on the part of your Loot Council, because he definitely had better options available to him which he should have taken before expecting to be handed an item from ICC 25 heroic.

    But you got the cloak anyway, so grats!

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