Cataclysm Posts

Despite what seems like death having afflicted your unfriendly neighborhood Warlock blogger (c’mon, wtf is there to do in this game that’s blog-worthy right now? “Oh I got 2 more frost badges WOOT I ROCK LET ME SHOW YOU WHAT KEY SEQUENCE I HIT TO QUEUE UP FOR A RANDOM BG!!!!!1111oneno1!!!!!!”), I bring a post!  A short one.  Because I am drunk.  And can’t focus much. Buuut!

Cataclysm Posts

What will be discussed here?

Whatever I want.  Mostly screenshots.

What won’t be discussed here?

Whatever I don’t want.  Mostly skills/spells/abilities/talents… None of these are set in stone until the expansion hits, and even then it’s not guaranteed they’ll stick past the first emergency hot fixes.  There is not point at all in discussing the +3% Crit Warlocks will get from “Fel Fart” or the +10% Imp Damage from “Gnome Slavery” because, well, IT IS ONLY THE ALPHA THAT IS OUT NOW! Honestly, let’s be honest here, for honesty’s sake… honestly…  if you’re looking at hard numbers now, anywhere 5-10 months from release of Cataclysm, you’re mostly retarded and I applaud you for being able to find a link to this blog.


I don’t care.  If something interests me, I’ll write about it.  The entry on the map from Southern Barrens titled “Ruins of Taurajo”?  Yeah, I’ll write about that and cry myself to sleep over it as soon as I publish this post.  Don’t want spoilers?  Sorry.  I don’t mean to post JUST TO SPOIL, I just.. .well, you know, occasionally write about things I feel like writing about.  Related to WoW.  Of course.  [edit:  another example is the Undead Onyxia screenshot now on mmo-champion.  Wow!)

Keep on the killingz!


Twilight-Free since 1999.


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