“Everyone will have one”

Surprisingly, the overall community response to the Sparkle Ponies has been good.  People like them, buy them, and fly around in circles for a while.  The dissenting voices that cry out at the horrible money grabbing machine that is Blizzard have been strangely muted.  Probably because they’re too busy flying around in circles on their sparkle ponies as well…

The complaints that do surface are ridiculous, ranging from “lololol imaginary item U GOT RIPPED OFF” to “it’s a slippery slope that will be the end of WoW”.  Hasn’t everything been the first step of a slippery slope that will be the end of WoW?  I’m pretty sure the playerbase has seen fit to complain about every single nerf/buff/change to the game and consider it life-ending.  So, yeah, I don’t care if it’s a slippery slope.  I won’t like it if it turns out those slippery people are correct and suddenly you have to pay extra to unlock content or to get tier 11 gear, but you know what?  I’ll probably still play because I like Warcraft, not gaming in general.  I played a text game in the past, then moved to WoW.  I have no games in between unless you count a constant love-in with NHL HOCKEY 94.  I still play that from time to time.  Nothing like scoring 250 goals in 10 games with Gretzky playing for the Maple Leafs.

There is, however, another line of complaints about the sparkle pony: “everyone will have one.”

How exactly is this a complaint?

Do you really think you’re a special unique snowflake in WoW?  Let me find an appropriate way to illustrate my point.  Hmm… ah yes!  Sir South Park:


Look at the 4 unique snowflakes there!  They’re all so different from everyone else!  Each is a separate, independent entity unlike any other in the world.

I thought once you left your teenage years you generally stopped trying to be different just for the sake of being different, especially once you realized that in attempting to do so you’d end up being exactly the same as all the other teenagers trying to be different.

Oh, wait… did I just make an incredible logical leap in my mind and assume that WoW characters’ drive for uniqueness probably means there are a lot of teenagers playing?  Why yes, yes I did.  I’m sure I’m partly correct, too.  I somehow don’t see all that many of the more mature (late 20s, early 30s and higher) players complaining about their sparkle ponies not being unique.  First, they have jobs and 25$ is chump change, second, they don’t care that everyone else might have something.  They have it and it rocks.

Most importantly though, let’s try to remember that there are no unique items in the game.  There are 12 million players, and about 24,000 equippable items.  If you want super awesome reporting accuracy, then according to Wowhead.com there are 4312 different weapons in the game and 19,306 different pieces of armor (everything on your outfit screen minus weapons).

Do the math.  That’s about 1 item per 500 people.  Now work out some gear combinations and gear/weapon restrictions, and you are really limiting the things you can have equipped.  Here is my prediction on gear:

There is always someone geared exactly like you somewhere out there, possibly many such people.  If you’re a progression raider, then it’s a guarantee that you can find a mirror match on virtually every server, and in every raiding guild.  If you pvp above an 1800 rating, I guarantee once again that you will find thousands of people in your exact set of gear.

Do you think you have a mount that nobody else does?  Did you shell out $1000 for a Spectral Tiger loot card?  So did thousands of people.  Do you have Mimiron’s Head?  So do thousands of people.  Do you have Invincible?  So do … 2 other people.  For now.  With a 30% buff eventually settling in, you can be assured that there will be thousands of people with Invincible.

There is no “unique” toon that you could make.  Stop trying to be unique.  Play the game to have fun, not to live out some repressed teenage fantasy of solitary uniqueness.

Oh, do you have a phoenix?  That’s  pretty special…  even if more and more have it, that’s still pretty unique.  Go buy your sparkle pony and then fly up to TK and keep on farming for the ashes!



3 Responses to ““Everyone will have one””

  1. 1 Tania April 19, 2010 at 5:16 pm

    You mean other priests might have purchased tier 10 gear, too? NOOOO! I thought my fiery head was unique and made me stand out from the crowd. /wrists /listen to some emo band

  2. 2 Emily April 23, 2010 at 2:13 am

    I bought one and I really love it. I can’t wait till I can fly with it on my Paladin. And it makes some really cool sounds.

    What makes me bust up laughing is that on the forums I kept reading, over and over, that people ‘wasted’ money on some pixels in a game. Aren’t these whiners the same exact people who dish out at least $180 bucks a year to play a pixel game online? Not something you can grab and hold (assuming you don’t have the package or never bought a figurine), and have some sweet lovin’ muffins with while Marvin Gaye belts out tones in the background. But pixels. In a game. In an imaginary world.

    yeah. and aren’t these people the same ones who pay ten bucks a pop for Blizzard to change their characters in every way? face and faction and race and what have you.

    this is probably why the whining didn’t last very long.

  3. 3 Emily April 23, 2010 at 2:21 am

    Oh yeah and who’s like blizzard’s going to sell gear? I want to give Blizz more cred than that. That’d be stupid and make wow pretty much pointless.

    imo. I dunno. pets and mounts are one thing, gear is something totally different.

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