Lazy Sunday


Did anyone else completely freak out yesterday around 2am?  Here I was on my warrior alt, running through Hillsbrad Foothills, killing indiscriminately.  Time? 1:55am.  The killing continued when suddenly I glanced at the clock and saw 3:02am.  I actually sat there for a while thinking “wow, where did that hour go??? Time sure flies when you’re having fun” and then facepalmed.  Stupid daylight savings time! Damn you!  Took my hour! (Please don’t try to rationalize it and bring into play the other hour’s switch, logic no good here!)

With that in mind, it’s now 12:20pm and I got up, figure I should link a couple comics I really enjoyed recently instead of anything serious or productive.

By Way of Booty Bay has many that I thought were cute (warning, some of them might be considered not safe for work… I don’t know where you work though.  If you work at an anime production place, you’re probably fine, for instance).  This one here is one of my favorites: Why?

One of the newer comics, Daily Quests, usually comes up with things that make me laugh, and last week’s was no exception:  The Evolution of Voidzones.

Happy Sunday! Yay! Even with an hour less… *grump*


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