Melvenor – Tales of Icecrown

I’m a big sap when it comes to Warcraft related material.  My love of Equinox will remain pure forever, I believe.  Most WoW videos are bookmarked on my browser, and the major and not-so-major comics are constantly checked for updates.  Much as was the case with Equinox, sometimes a particular creation just stands out among the others.  Yes, I could link you to hundreds of specific videos but I try to stay away from the “one-hit wonders” on this blog and only post about the true finds that are in some way different.  For instance, I absolutely adore Ninja Raiders but ultimately, it is yet another WoW song parody, so it would probably not get it’s own post.  I might throw it into some kind of grouping or top 10 list here, but that’s a different story.  Moving back on topic!

I present to you today the Tales of Icecrown by Melvenor.  They are a collection of five short stories. None more than six minutes in length.  In fact, you can probably watch all of them in a quick fifteen minutes.

These stories do not show intricate detail and plot and subplot… they simply tell a grand tale.  Each part of this series is beautiful, and most importantly, touching.  It is typically when something strikes a chord with us that we remember it and wish to share it with others.  Though this is ultimately about a video game, it can still evoke emotions and make us happy, sad, proud, anxious… the whole range!  Well, ok, not this particular series, this one is just touching overall.  Makes you smile in that “that’s sad but beautiful” kinda way. 

You can watch part 1 here, A Beacon of Light, and simply click on each next part on the right side of your screen when you’re ready.  A narrator comes into play for parts 4 and 5, otherwise it is all game sounds.

When you are done, try to tell me that the last scene displayed in part 5 is not absolutely stunning.  But a discussion and details about it will be in a future post.  First, go and watch these!


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