Self Centered Tuesdays

It’s all about me!



But, Latus, it’s not Tuesday! 

I commend you on a sharp mind to have picked this up.  It is indeed not Tuesday.  It’s a Sunday update.  Unless of course you’re only reading this on Tuesday, in which case it is Tuesday and I suppose your mind is still sharp.

You’ve also picked up on this “weekly” feature not being very weekly at all.  In fact, the first one was written January 19th.  You know what I realized after thinking I had found a new weekly feature?  That all our gameplay is the same and that reading about what Latus does every week would be as exciting as watching paint peel (watching paint dry is so old school).  “I ran ICC a bunch and then I did my daily and then I enchanted this piece of gear and then I ran laps around Dalaran.” Sooo, yeah, weekly feature indeed!

Nonetheless, since January 19th, a few things have happened that not a single other player has done in the world.  What?  What do you mean?  That’s not true?  Well… damn!

ICC Progress

We missed about 70% of the last two weeks of raid due to missing key members of the guild on raid nights.  They weren’t no shows, they just couldn’t attend and as the raid group does not really work around back ups but rather gives everyone a relative guarantee of their raid spot once they’re accepted, that meant no raiding.  We struggled on Sindragosa quite a bit, and so we ended up only having our first Lich King attempts made with 21 raiders.  We practiced phase 1 a bit and called it at that.  It is only this week with the 5% buff that we finally got serious attempts in on him on day 2 (out of 3) of raiding.  And it’s a fun fight, we’re now getting into the third Valkyr phase before all hell breaks loose and someone messes up with Defile.  Defile, by the way, is the single coolest spell animation I have seen to date in Warcraft.  Especially when we mess up and we see it spread all over the place! It might be a wipe, but is it ever exciting to watch!

It’s really a lot of fun to be able to teleport onto the Lich King’s platform after my valkyr doesn’t get killed.  “LOL IM STILL ALIVE BITCH KING!” and then we wipe.

For poor little oversized Cowtch, ICC is not a pleasant experience.  The aforementioned (in previous instalment of Self-Centered Tuesdays) reasons for Latus transferring are still present and very alive in the guilds Cowtch frequents.  Saurfang is as far as Cowtch’s raid groups can go in 10man.  Maybe this week with the 5% buff and with a slightly different group…



For the lack of success with ICC back on Coilfang with my Druid, I’ve decided to get back into PVP.  Resto druids are people I hate to play against, so why not be one of them!  Some old gear that was saved up along with a lot of honor (2000 of those wintergrasp essence things really translate into a lot of it) for new gear and a couple Wrathful drops in VoA25 meant I started up with roughly 750 resilience.  I’m still badly specced and inexperienced as to what is most effective, but I’m having fun healing battlegrounds.  We tried arenas with Morgaina as her disc self and a rogue friend who recently came back to the game.  Yeah, experienced/talented rogue with starter gear with two fairly well geared healers.  We went 4 – 6 on our first week and I had a lot of fun doing it.  I understand it’s a frustrating style of play, and I have a lot to learn as to how to CC, how to choose my targets, how best to heal… but who cares, I had a ton of fun.  Pretty early on we realized that with decent crowd control, Morgaina could mana burn while I did my best to keep the team alive.  That’s something that can really work to our advantage once we figure out how best to use it.  The best part is the disc shielding when a new target takes damage.  Before the health drops too far, a shield pops up and gives me a few seconds to pile up some hots.  By the time the shield is shattered, my hots are in full swing and the opponents are beating their heads against a brick wall.

Of course, we did only win 4 of those matches.  But we mostly went up against 1500-1900 ranked teams (yeah, I kept checking their armory files after seeing the kind of health / mana / weapons / gear they had) and usually held our own and pressured them quite a bit. 

Ok, I just really, really want to have a pvp weapon.  I’d feel so badass knowing I had a high enough ranking to buy one of them.  Even the introductory 1800 ranked one! I’d still feel really badass.



Finally got something done on Latus that I had slacked off about last Christmas and Lunar Festival.


You’d think the 30% speed increase wouldn’t be noticed, but omg is it ever.  I highly suggest getting one of these.  -grin-


Alevia!  My twink warrior who was infinitely fed up with the changes to the twinking world!  She got so fed up that she went and paid 10g to reverse her lobotomy of no experienced gain and then went in to a final Warsong Gulch match.  Here is the next result of her capping the 3rd flag:


She’s now level 29 but hasn’t stepped into a battleground since then.  It’s not that I don’t want to, but I’m trying to enjoy some quests and I’m levelling too quickly.  No, I don’t want to turn off xp gain once more.  One day maybe Morgaina’s mage and Alevia will finally get off their butts and run some Scarlet Monastery together.  I will admit that I have screenshots from the day I created Alevia trying on the full scarlet outfit and thinking “Damn, THAT is what I want.”  It’s close now! My little Scarlet Crusader is almost ready!


Olympics and blogdeath

At first I wasn’t going to mention this, but what the heck, I suppose if you’re reading this it’s because you inexplicably care to know.  Yeah, I trailed off massively during the Olympics but not because of a disinterest in WoW.  I kept up my raiding and dailies, I just really couldn’t find time to squeeze blogging into it.  I raided with my laptop streaming live broadcasts, I raided with all sound off and my downstairs TV blasted at full volume, and any time I wasn’t in any way supposed to be on WoW, I’d be watching the games.  I may be a WoW geek now, but I was and am an athlete at heart (believe it or not! I do a few races a year and am slowly working my way up towards the marathon…). 

So, no, blog isn’t dead, by far.  It’ll only die when I stop playing.  Which is not very soon.  I mean, DEATHWING IS COMING!  AND THEN SARGERAS LOOMS IN THE FUTURE! AHHHMAGAHWD!

And with all that, I have a ton of material to present and write about, so expect a slight flurry of activity as is my custom after any longer pause in posts!

*logs on*

p.s. Baron’s mount: still doesn’t exist.


1 Response to “Self Centered Tuesdays”

  1. 1 Tania March 8, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    Group two generally does better than group one. It’s usually been more of a steady 10 people who show up most weeks with only the occasional sub, and that group was lucky enough that the majority of the group is raidaware and willing to listen. We also generally have more fun with each other than group one did, which is a huge difference in willingness to try a little harder for the other people in the raid.

    I’m not usually quite as sulky as I started out last night, too, but Krae’s excuses were just bad and he quite literally only wanted Hugs there for roots spam on Saurfang. >.<

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