Kor’kron Overseer guards in Undercity. Rudeness.

What exactly happened with the Undercity guards?  You know which ones… the delightfully disgusting abominations with a billion body parts coming out of a billion other body parts – not one of them from the same original body.  By now, most people have caught on that it’s a much delayed reaction to the Wrathgate events and Putress, but I thought I’d finally make the trek and actually talk to the guards to fully understand.  I could read wowhead’s comments, but they’re not always accurate nor useful.  They don’t have links to all the major characters either!

What I’ve gathered is simple:  the Orcs don’t trust the Forsaken and don’t want another Putress to grow in power.  I don’t believe that Thrall distrusts Sylvanas, there’s no indication of it and we remember that he personally came to her aide.  The rest of the Forsaken, however, meh!

Let’s see what’s available in-game from a Forsaken point of view.  Thrall wanted to keep an eye out, and it is unclear whether the previous abominations were sent away (what, home? they’re monsters, where would they go!) or simply uhhh disposed of.  Poor big ugly monsters :(.  An elite team of Kor’kron is now standing in all the places the abominations used to be and they must hate it.  Can you imagine how BAD Undercity must smell?  It’s full of corpses! C’mon! So we get it that the only Orcs in Undercity must’ve really screwed something up over in Northrend to end up on this assignment.  That probably explains their following answers when Forsaken speak to them:

korkon1 korkron2 korkron3

Excuse me??? Rotters? Bonebag?  Put a sock in it, Greenskin!  Orcs drank Mannoroth’s blood of their own free will! They committed genocide against the Draenai!  Spare me your crap Kor’kron Overseer. /grump

Having not paid these guards much attention in the past, I have to say I am not a fan now that I spoke with them.  Nonetheless, I thought of looking at who is replacing Varimathras.  Not one, but two people I found!  Bragor Bloodfist, a Captain of the Kor’kron, and Aleric Hawkins of the Deathstalkers.  The former we know well, but the latter?  The Deathstalkers were Varimathras’ personal bodyguard, from what I recall.  A type of roguish assassin group for the Forsaken.  With Varimathras gone, their allegiance remains with Sylvanas and Undercity.  He’s probably their leader but hiding it (badly).


Bragor says only the obvious and most directly informative bit as to why the Kor’kron guards are there.  Like we all know, it’s to watch over the Forsaken.  Great.


You know what’s really awesome about Bragor? Him being coded in means that the previous quest lines that couldn’t be finished post-Wrathgate can now be completed (The Crimson Courier, which now starts with Sylvanas and not Varimathras!).  In some cases Sylvanas replaces Varimathras as quest-giver or ender, and in others it is Bragor.  All in all, good for the new players who can finally get those rotten apples and be awesome Scarlet Crusaders!  Pro-tip: don’t turn that quest in, just keep getting new apples.  Pro-tip #2:  even if you’re done the quests from Varimathras, check with Sylvanas, you may have gotten the chance to do them again (i.e.: if you’re like me and completed it you will now have a Scarlet disguise FOR LIFE!). Maybe.


Finally, I left the Royal Quarters and checked into the Apothecarium.  I expected it to no longer be there but apparently the Horde isn’t so much against letting the apothecaries continue their work, it just wants to keep an eye out on the research taking place.  To that effect, we have Overseer Kraggosh standing there looking mean.  Apparently nothing can be done by the Apothecaries without approval from Kraggosh.  Good intentions, I bet… but c’mon, do you believe those Forsaken guys aren’t going to be hiding things from him just because?  I sure would!  Kraggosh stands right beside Master Apothecary Faranell, the Head of the Royal Apothecary Society who also chimes in about the events.




If you stand near them long enough, a conversation ensues:

Overseer Kraggosh says: I’ve got my eye on you, Faranell.
Overseer Kraggosh says: No abominations protecting you. No secrecy. No plotting in the dark.
Overseer Kraggosh says: If you so much as spit without my permission, this place shuts down. Forcefully.
Master Apothecary Faranell says: I assure you, overseer, the Royal Apothecary Society dearly wishes to make up for the tragic misguidance which ended so many lives.
Master Apothecary Faranell says: We will cause you no trouble. We seek only to continue our research in peace.
Overseer Kraggosh says: We’ll see about that.


Kraggosh isn’t a nice guy. Nope.

But wait…

“No abominations protecting you.”


 aboms1 aboms2



I really wonder if this was in any way an oversight by Blizzard or if there will be some more exciting stuff to happen in here.  Followers of Putress rallying the old guards?  Fed-up Forsaken giving the big ol’ finger to the Kor’kron?  Or will patch 3.4 simply see these last remaining Undercity Guardians vanish?


2 Responses to “Kor’kron Overseer guards in Undercity. Rudeness.”

  1. 1 Tania January 25, 2010 at 6:30 pm

    After reading this, I had to go see what they say to non-undead and spent way too much time running around UC doing nothing constructive.

    Thanks Latus.

  2. 2 Lorey February 1, 2010 at 11:12 pm

    Woo they have never been in the tunnels before. Mmm something for the alliance to get caught up in when pounding horde into the ground again. Ah well.

    Stupid orcs.

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