Invincible – WoW Music – Arthas’ Return/End?

Fresh off the heels of the new vampire wing of ICC and the single best music I’ve heard since being in my 20s in Ashenvale, we have more pure cocaine being fed directly into our blood with just a few clicks.

In case you oddly don’t follow the major WoW news sources – and judging by the comments posted here I’m inclined to believe a few of you blog-addicts don’t – there is a link that’s worthy of your mighty click…age.

While the whole page is pretty nifty (omg Equinox! yay. nifty. dee da-dee), the almost-better-than-seedless-watermelon moment is the new music that was added.  It’s over on the Alliance side of goodies Blizzard has released for no apparent reason.  Listen to it.  It’s purty.  And it has that clear “THIS IS WARCRAFT!!!!!11111” element to it, around 2:33 (and earlier too, the interface is just a smidge clumsy and I get carried awa when I let it all play and forget to pay attention).

I’ve never made it a secret that I’m a huuuuuge fan of the music on Warcraft (or everything else in it), but the last couple weeks have really been like an early WoW Christmas.

This particular piece is intriguing for one reason:


Is this the cut-scene after Arthas is defeated?  Before you face Arthas?  When you go home after the battle?  When Jaina dies? (!!! just made that one up there, sorry)

There is a huge similarity, possibly because it’s the same melody, to the Wrath intro video.  The music is very solemn and almost as if asking us to feel sad.  Which I do.  Oh man.  It’s beautiful.  The very beginning, are we seeing the aftermath of a terrible battle or of a very important death?  Are we hearing the lament of a soul destroyed by evil?  Is.. is that the slightest of hopes that suddenly arises with many strong voices or the condemnation of a whole Kingdom?  Are we mourning, or hearing apologies?


This Arthas was always the epitome of why I play.  He’s bad.  We know.  He’s about to murder Terenas II, his father.  But he is not yet the Lich King.  That cutscene and that look has always teased me with endless possibilities.  What if… what if… what if Medivh was there to force him to break with Frostmourne?  What if Jaina showed up in that courtyard.  What if Sargeras was weakened in any way around this time and couldn’t maintain any focus on Azeroth.  What if Illidan assaulted the Frozen Throne right then?  Maybe there was still time for Arthas to be himself.  Or perhaps the Lich King IS what Arthas truly was deep down; evil, selfish, manipulative…  so many possibilities all over the place right at the time of this picture…


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