Ho ho!

Us bloggers (read: addicts) think we’ve seen it all and know almost all about WoW.  We scan all the news sites, we check our updates, we keep up to date… and yet, from time to time, something takes us completely by surprise and makes us wonder just how in the world we had not known about it.

If you recognize the title of this post, then you already know.

If you don’t, well… let me take you into the mystical land of Azeroth, to the cities of Thunder Bluff and Orgrimmar.  Let’s stop by Shadowprey Village and spend some time in Ratchet.  Let’s defeat some Scourge, enjoy fine bosoms, and most importantly, let’s defend the Horde! Let me do that by linking you to Equinox: Defender of the Horde.

A word of warning: this is not your regular WoW comic.  This will make you smile, this will make you laugh out loud, this will make you cry.  It sure made me go through the whole bag of emotions!

It is the story of Equinox the Tauren Warrior.  He’s the perfect depiction of your lovable Tauren; a little on the slow side, always hungry and unbelievably determined once he sets his mind on something.  The series takes off from relatively simple and naive things (the very first episode contains more text than images, I think) to incredibly complex storylines spanning the entirety of a year’s work.  And please don’t get me wrong, “relatively simple and naive” is not an indication of the quality of the work, you’ll enjoy every piece of it.  You’ll also get some benefits, like learning some great jokes, appreciating fruit so much more, and perhaps picking up a song or two.

I am reluctant to say much more about this because I don’t want to give the story away in any manner, but what can be said is that the characters are based on their Warcraft counterparts (on the Shadow Council server) and all the stories were created and posted between 2005 and 2007.  I had no idea about them precisely because of that.  Recently, two new episodes were added (dated 2010) and they were featured on www.wow.com, the rest is history.  I spent my entire Sunday reading these and couldn’t believe there was still a work of this quality out for me to discover within the WoW…osphere.

Go ahead, take some time and read the first year.  I’m pretty sure you’ll be hooked within a few episodes.  By the time you reach the fifth, you won’t believe just how sad you are and that a WoW comic is making you feel that way.

Equinox is the good guy.  The great guy.  He is loyal to no end, he is stalwart in his beliefs and he will stop at nothing to aide his friends.  Of course, others around him are not necessarily as well meaning, and hilarity and tragedy ensue.

With permission from the author(s?), here is an excerpt that is extremely fitting to this blog:






2 Responses to “Ho ho!”

  1. 1 Lorey January 14, 2010 at 10:32 pm

    I’ve been making my way through them and I have to admit, I am laughing, crying, aching with sadness and giggling with glee. They are so much fun to read!

    Thanks ever so much for linking them!

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