Que pasa

me voy! 

Two weeks in Mexico coming up for Latus!  Dec.21 to Jan.4.  Christmas, New Year’s.. glorious glorious times.  I’ll be at the Riu Santa Fe in Los Cabos.  Average temperature is showing anywhere from 16 to 30 Celcius.. the lows because it is a desert-like area that goes high during the day and cold at night.  When you’re from Canada, a “low” of 16 at night on Christmas is full of lols. Here are a few more pictures to be jealous:

Honestly I’m not even sure if that’s the one I’m going to, but I don’t care to look it up much more.  It’s in that area, it’s a 5 star resort, and I’m there 2 weeks. NUFF SAID!

That being said, Warcraft has kept me very busy lately and with good reason.  Patch 3.3 has an incredible impact on everything we do due to the massive gear upgrades everyone is getting.  My DPS is now simply “among the best” in my raids instead of the best by 10 billion dps above all others.  It’s a bit shocking and I had to cope with the loss of epeen.  I’m not kidding, either 😦  Thankfully, I’m now beginning to find upgrades to my own gear and am beginning to pull away again.  I may have to play with an affliction spec just to see how it is.  In any case, I will post again before I depart (wooooot!) with some actual Warlockservations in ICC (man do we ever have the chance to shine on these fights!).  AND ARE WE EVER NEEDED OH BOY!!!


1 Response to “Que pasa”

  1. 1 Tania December 20, 2009 at 4:49 pm

    I hate you so much. I want a 2 week vacation in Mexico. /cry

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